Eastman Color Negative Film. Same development time as Neopan Eastman Tri-X Panchromatic Negative film. I take photographs using all types of film. Emulsion changed again in Sealed, in original box. Launched at Photokina [7].

Fully Functional but not tested. Trading of materials however continued between plants. In the s Dupont the new owners of the ADOX brand sold the recipes and machinery of the film but not the brand name to Fotokemika in Croatia who continued to produce the films according to the s ADOX formulas under the Efke brand. Strangeness was present before the switch. Called ‘Super Presto’ in Japan. Ortho-panchromatic classic s single layer emulsion.

Fri Jan 07, Film sales through www.

Kodak Film Number to Film Type Cross Reference Table

Special development process required, with multiple dyeing steps as each color layer was processed separately, because there were no dye-couplers in film, unlike the contemporary Agfa Color Neu where color couplers enabled all three layers processed together.

Historically however they were one of the major producers of colour negative and slide films dilm a wide range of own brand professional and consumer films in competition with Kodak and Agfa-Gevaert. Professional color film, ‘Natural Color’ for subtle color and natural skin tones in low light or with flash. Eastman Color Intermediate Film, 35mm, Two coupler system.

Type approximately old GOST speed scale. Professional general purpose monosize cubic-crystal grain panchromatic film. However, viability of this film, due to age, is unknown so this Kodak PX film is being sold purely as a collectible. Unless the base of this film is naturally gray. It’s 5 x 7, an empty box.


safety film? [Archive] –

Sheet film 4×5″, 8×10″ ‘P’ base. Initially processing was included, but following anti-trust legislation in s, independent processing using C 5026 became available. Eastman Television Recording Film, for Kinescope. Examples include; Fortecolor saefty also supplied by Konicathe Boots UK pharmacy chain color negative products from ca. Professional-quality, high-speed, daylight-type color reversal film with the finest grain in its class and highly saturated colors RHPII.

Very long, almost perfectly straight-line characteristic curve, great latitude made it ideal for variable developments, both longer and shorter, water-bath development, special compensating formulas. I have ‘ remaining on a ‘ long by 9.

Archived from the original on 17 August Older tech Fujifilm C advised as alternative. Brand new unused film. ECN-2, 35mm, same as 16mm, Wed Jan 05, 5: General purpose slide film produced by Fujifilm. One box expired Dec of and the other Nov of Ferrania version identified by picture of yellow boats on outer box.

General purpose panchromatic traditional, medium-speed, black-and-white film. Consumer equivalent CT Precisa [8]. Professional color film, ‘Natural Color’ for subtle color and natural skin tones in controlled lighting situations.

Originallylater iso when safety factor was reduced. General purpose consumer color film using 4th layer technology, USA market only. ADOX Scala is the nearest replacement. Daylight balanced fine grain color transparency film with vivid saturated colors VS while maintaining a neutral gray scale.

Some film have same code but different numbers! The film expired June Eastman Tri-X Panchromatic Negative film.


Professionalfine-grained speed film now koddak improved skin tones, much more accurate color reproduction, better shadow detail, and wider exposure latitude. I’ll resign this stuff to Holga duty or something. Headquarters in StapelfeldGermany. Professional-quality, daylight-type ISO color reversal film, fine grain Epitaxial Sigma Crystal technology and sharpness, vivid color reproduction and regulated gray balance to match Provia F with improved colour image storage permanence RXP.

To solve this problem I went to Kodak’s web site and tried to find out what what the number printed on the film meant. Agfa Vista Plus – 35mm format”.

Eastman Color Print stock, 16mm, Same as In a new company was founded as FILM Ferrania to build a film manufacturing company using the former Ferrania Research laboratory building, its coating machine and other equipment salvaged from the original Ferrania production plant prior to its demolition.

Make sure any Digital ICE filtering is turned off. This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat It was founded in in then Ukrainian SSR. LomoChrome Turquoise XR Professional color film with ultra fine grain. Ortho-panchromatic classic s style single layer emulsion.

Agfa Color Neu was initially made available on a trial basis from April with use in the AugustBerlin Olympics.