This is just bloody confusing. What does the club even do? Iori’s issue really just being insignificant teen angst? The drama I felt was honestly borderline overloaded. Aoki seems to possibly getting some sort of spotlight this episode as well, at least at the end. BBCode I have my own anime blog.

Tensho Forum Moderator Offline Joined: Maybe I’ll never finish this thing after reading your review. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Iori sure took a big jump in personality change from this episode to Ep Iori just needs to let loose and be more cool about this situation and not be some lone wolf character. Watch watch kokoro connect ova english subbed in hd on kokoro connect michi randomkokoro connect episodes 14 15 16 and 17 kokoroco mi. What the hell did Inaba say that hurt Iori so much though? Not because I liked the show — although I did like this arc, since it was definitely better than the second and third ones — but because of just how incredibly unprofessional the review was.

The first arc was good, only to be ruined because I kinda knew Iori didn’t die, the second arc started out great but eneded kind of weakly, and the third arc just stunk in execution.

The drama I felt was honestly borderline overloaded. It really draws me to think about what is self, and what part of our interaction with others actually shows our desires. Kokoro Connect still has a tendency to lapse into speechmaking the way Broadway musicals lapse into song, but this one at least rang true.


More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Much stronger finish than many other romantic series and Dereban is best Inaban.

I squirmed a couple of times when thoughts slipped out. More drama, just the way i like it.

I mainly see the animes Perhaps it is too much that the characters are all very much different. I think this show found an episore and kept recycling it without giving depth to the characters and the story — I got bored after a while with all the drama. Michi Random Episode 1 Discussion.

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I really like Inaba the most, especially after that scene where Taichi told her what he likes about her. What the hell did Inaba say that hurt Iori so much though? I kind of liked Kokoro Connect before realising that Iori is not the main heroine. Its not the usual RomCom you would think body switching would give.

Her scene with Taichi and her jealousy with him getting chocolate from Yui, seriously her alone makes this episode enjoyable.

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So much for it not getting connsct. But it was a lot more tolerable when I only had to watch 1 episode a week. Don’t try and lump the opinions of seven billion people together, that is madness. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Had to pause to take a breathe at a point.


Drama is the heart of what Kokoro Connect is, I know, but it requires a lot of suspension of disbelief to take this seriously. I couldn’t finish it! This episode makes you think: Even the very kind and tolerant Enzo critized this anime. Donnect my gosh, the fatigue!

Totally brings her cuteness level up! Heartseed is kinda creepy this episode but I liked the way he played that instructment. Why do they even like Taichi?

This arc took me a while to mentally process because my expectations were already extremly low and it merely mihi it by just a little bit. This arc seems to have a lot going for it. Kokoro connect michi random heart connect random track.

Out of those five, I still like Iori the best.

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