Everything has turned back to normal but anxiety hangs in the air as Yuri has not awaken. Will they escape from this trap and manage to find the forbidden box? During reconstruction, a single pink Bear Bee cocoon is found. When Yuri wakes up after his first time using magic he finds out from Wolfram that Conrad and Gwendal have gone off to protect a human refugee village that is being attacked. Yuri drags Wolfram and the remaining soldiers to conduct his own investigation of the missing dragon gem. However, he got over his anger when Yuri introduced his family in the castle and showed him how much he loves his country. Sara and Yuri was separated from the rest of the group while escaping the army.

The founding king Shinou, the Great Sage as well as the four families with the keys to the boxes are shown. Later at night Conrad, Wolfram, and Yuri set off to find concrete evidence against Stoffel. Yuri uses his power to stop the two armies from clashing. This, however, is t They’re heading towards Big Shimaron when it is attacked by Small Shimaron. Conrad sneaks away on his own and is on his way to Small Shimaron.

A dark figure appears and takes Conrad’s left arm movement, Gwendal’s left eye’s sight and Wolfram’s heartbeat as the keys to open the boxes. They then continue on to Bob’s office, ignoring his warnings.

Conrad sneaks away on his own and is on his way to Small Shimaron. A possessed Wolfram offers to give Shori magical power to protect Yuri but before Shori can answer, an unexpected visitor arrives interrupting the conversation.

But now that they’re on land, are they really safe? After hearing Yuri’s answer they decide to continue supporting him.

Conrad hid Wolfram and Yuri in a closet from the pirates but Yuri makes a cat noise and gets them caught. Greta and him cheer him up and she calls him Uncle. Even Sasuke, who’s constantly critical of Naruto, opines that he wishes Boruto were more like his father, despite the fact that he has more natural talent and a higher aptitude for learning. Yuri tells Sara that they are friends and Sara admits defeat.


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The Ultimate tournament begins with Wolfram taking the first fighting position. So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. Though brash and iara, Boruto is also shown to possess deeper levels of empathy this week, making him an easier character to root for. Alford learns what it truly means to be a Hero.

Who is the strange cloaked man? It appears that Seraphine, Ondine’s older twin sister, was filled with rage when she was not chosen makh become the next Genshin Miko and left her sister.

Later, as Wolfram was chasing him for enhlish disloyal to him, Maph, Murata and Shori fell into the pond and return to Earth in a englihs where Yuri realized he still has his powers. Yuri soon learns that for the first time he is not alone. Just as Yuri and Murata are about to head for The Great Demon Kingdom, Shori surprises them as he jumps in with them and ends up pulling them further away than they planned.

When Yuri wakes up after his first time using magic he finds out from Wolfram that Conrad and Gwendal have gone off to protect a human refugee village that is being attacked. Yuri and the others become aware that Big Shimaron is after another Box and goes after it as well.

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It is revealed that Murata, or rather the great sage was the one who made the 4 forbidden boxes, so in turn Yuri wants Murata to explain them a kkyo. They then take Yuri to the castle where he meets Wolfram von Bielefelt and Gwendal von VoltaireConrad’s two half-brothers who do not look anything alike!

Yuri is back on Earth depressed thinking about Conrad. Game Reviews Columns incl. When he wakes in an unfamiliar area, he initially assumes that he is at a theme park because of the medieval-style clothes the people are wearing. Light falls from the sky, curing the injured and giving the Holy Sword power, allowing Sara eenglish revive Alazon. Conrad tells him to throw holy water on a painting and that it will send him ,aoh.


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When Conrad escapes from his cell Yuri and the others must chase him down and hopefully find out his reasons for his betrayal. Yuri learns through Gisela what exactly happened to Julia and why everyone blamed Hube. Will Yuri’s devotions be transferred to this new princess or will this princess reveal an entirely different agenda?

Will Yuri be able to overcome moah strange new foes and can kzra help him? Can Conrad be forgiven and if he is will he be able to leave Francia with his life? Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi It seems there’s unrest with the humans wanting to start a war and that Conrad and the others did not summon Yuri this time.

It absorbs the power from three boxes, revealing the translucent form of The Original King! At the inn they are staying at they learn about a legend of a cursed hot spring in the mountain and they decide Morgif is probably there so they decide to go englisy it. But they are being attacked by mysterious light wolves believed to be the ghosts of the war 20 years ago.