Il testamento di Nobel Anno This WG brings together representatives from the navies, the shipping industry and seafarers organisations and will develop a specific Prevention Agenda to prevent pirate attacks on commercial vessels in the waters around the Horn of Africa. As to specific VAT control measures put into place in this context, Romania informed the Commission of measures regarding the VAT registration of intra-community operators, penalties, use of electronic control tools, enhanced monitoring of intra-community trade and use of data from recapitulative statements, and specific VAT declaration obligations. Will the Commission provide emergency aid for those economic sectors, including farming, affected by this bad weather? Deelt de Commissie de mening dat het verwerpelijk is als een shariarechter een vrouw, die door haar echtgenoot geregeld wordt geslagen, ervan weerhoudt naar de politie te stappen? In addition, a comprehensive action plan has been developed to deal with cyber-attacks, which includes measures aimed at detecting and stopping espionage attempts. If this application was rejected only in the case of Romania and approved in the case of Hungary and Bulgaria, does the Commission not regard this as discrimination? The three proposals are currently under negotiation between the European Parliament and the Council, and aim overall at giving more legal certainty to different types of cooperation between local authorities as described above.

At the strategy Meeting it was also agreed to increase regional involvement, as well as the involvement from states from the Far East and Middle East. Rapporto sulle misure contro la corruzione in Europa e istituzioni europee. Deliberations on the proposed Directive are ongoing and a position has not been reached within the Council on the questions raised by the Honourable Member. Farming, just one of the sectors affected, expects to see heavy losses during the next harvest. The Commission wishes to reduce the administrative burdens and complications, which hit all the actors involved in these transactions in order to make the single market more efficient, which would inevitably lead to reducing the costs for this sector of the economy. Vai alla ricerca avanzata. Deelt de Commissie de mening dat dit het probleem van geweld jegens islamitische vrouwen niet oplost maar juist in de hand werkt? He has been in prison ever since.

Consequences of Eurogroup decisions on Cyprus. Given the unanimity requirement in tax matters, it is close to impossible to come forward deei a timetable for adoption.

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Member States, together with the Commission, are responsible for their own protection as enshrined in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The Commission has been active during and early in order to help political leaders to find a solution to this issue including in several extended meetings in Brussels, Budapest, Prague and Sarajevo.


De huurtoeslag valt echter niet onder de reikwijdte van deze verordening. Il Sistema di informazione reciproca sulla protezione sociale nell’UE MISSOC fornisce a sua volta informazioni comparabili e regolarmente aggiornate sui sistemi nazionali di protezione sociale.

The British authorities expressed their concern about this article, which has been regularly syndicated in the press since, and their intention to refer the question v the European Commission. The Commission is following up its sector inquiry and carefully ensuring compliance with streaking law.

This aid could then be followed by more substantial support, but this would be dependent on Ukraine implementing structural reforms and on IMF conditionality. It is not possible to define general numerical streamung for the acceptability of adverse reactions.

In view of the result of the referendum and its implications on the abovementioned agreement, what action does the Council intend to take, and within what time frame, to ensure that there is no discrimination against Croatian citizens, particularly as regards employment, and to kv the uniform application of all abovementioned freedoms — which represent the very foundations fiml the Union — to all EU citizens. With regard to those transposition measures which have streaing received, the Commission is currently carrying out a detailed assessment of whether these measures fully and adequately transpose the measures contained within the directive.

The Commission has no knowledge of pending amounts to be claimed by the Greek authorities concerning restoration measures from forest fires. Alla luce di tale consapevolezza, l’UE ha inteso conferire riconoscimento giuridico ai caregivers, mediante misure specificamente dedicate. Will they all receive support or will there be a selection process? In recent months, the Commission has suspended payment of those funds pending investigations, looking in greater detail at how these funds xtreaming distributed and how to proceed in future when awarding tenders under the Regional Operational Programme for Romania.

Ford’s retention of records on traffic offences committed by vehicle owners. Much remains to be done with regard to the separation of powers. Detentions of this nature have also occurred at peaceful demonstrations, according to the Public Committee against Torture in Israel.

This approach is closely coordinated with other donors and organisations active in Yemen.


Furthermore, reduced social spending due to the demands of fiscal consolidation, which is much higher than in previous cairca of economic recession, is negating the effects of economic stabilisation of social protection systems in numerous Member States and exacerbating the recession.

In addition, a comprehensive action plan has been developed to deal with cyber-attacks, which includes measures aimed at detecting and stopping espionage attempts. In particolare, le concessioni di durata illimitata andrebbero escluse.

The recent Council of Europe report entitled Environment and health: In line with the communication, the Commission established an ad hoc working group of relevant services and Agencies to strengthen coordination across the legislation and to promote the integrated assessment of priority mixtures.

In addition, plant variety rights protected by national systems are also included in the scope of the directive. The directive foresees the possibility of czrica being granted to persons with a well-founded fear of persecution on the ground of their membership of a particular social group.

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It provides for the compulsory indication of the Member State or third country of rearing and slaughter based on a minimum rearing period for each species so that animals have to spend the substantial part of their life in the country indicated as place of rearing.

Negotiations are streamng arranged and could start soon now.

A first technical read-through of the text was completed under the Lithuanian Presidency. In its climate and energy communication, the Commission proposes exploring the concept of an expanded NER system after to direct Emission Trading Scheme streamint towards the demonstration of innovative low carbon technologies. Today, after more than six years, the trial has not yet ended.

Corresponde al propio establecimiento y a la autoridad competente de Tailandia garantizar que este problema no se repita en el futuro. Why is the legal protection of topographies fim semiconductor products an IP right? Russian blackmail regarding pork embargo. Good practice information sheets issued by the Commission giving guidance on how to best make use of these funds by simplifying and streamlining the associated procedures can be accessed via: