It’s a remarkable achievement in both character and performance. There’s really nothing better out there. RichardSRussell-1 20 December The dysfunctional family theme – featuring a preposterous gallery of the unfaithful dead wife, suicidal rape victim daughter, secret mother, rapist brother, who also had an affair with the wife — develops by layering one absurd piece of nonsense on top of another. The cinematography was also very well done. From the sublime to the lowest of the low. We get to know these people, become intrigued by what brought them to their current state and that we jump back six years to explore this character further. Almodovar having self indulgent fun as the provocateur, trying to push buttons but creating nothing of value and telling us nothing of any significance about real relationships.

Vera is not like other women, she wears a skin-coloured suit made out of fabric instead of clothes, she is constantly watched by Robert and Marilia, and she never leaves her room, which only Robert himself holds the key too. For a while it works and can be taken seriously until the brother who he doesn’t know is a brother arrives dressed as the LSU tiger because he can only go out in costume As the film progresses, the complicated nature of the characters involved, as well as the unusual situation in which they have found themselves, becomes more apparent. Frigyes Karinthy 13 May , 8 pm Festival Theatre. Bright colours, carefully designed sets, beautiful people in weird, over-the-top situations, unconventional relationships, and a sense for detail worthy of a true perfectionist. It is hugely intriguing because of this. This movie is in my opinion the least accessible of all of Almodovar’s films but I hope it doesn’t put people off, as his touch and style is clear and present here. Audible Download Audio Books.

Antonio Banderas is puel his best, evil — staring over his eyebrows — when he needs to be and even charming at times, and one of my favorite Spanish actresses, Elena Anaya, gives an astounding performance.

It’s full of surprises and the twists come logically and unexpectedly. It’s not only the twist that makes it good but also the great cinematography, acting and the whole atmosphere of this movie.

His usual reflections on the nature of relationships and the consequence of one’s actions take on a well- defined shape and advance qu with self-assurance. This is the only science-fictional element in the film, and it’s not much of a stretch from what modern medicine is actually capable of doing, which is why I categorize it as essentially a psychodrama. She is all things sympathetic, manic, intriguing and sensual and when we come back to the present day after understanding what brought her to this nabito, she takes on a whole new life of internal chaos and complexity.


It is an art-house horror thriller, adapted from Thierry Jonquet’s novel ‘Tarantula’ unread by me. Not a single character makes sense, scenes appear to be crow-barred into place so an extra piece of 10 minute narrative can be made, and most of the film would have been just as affective if it was told by a stranger around a camp-fire.

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Elena Anayas also impresses in a very challenging performance both physically and emotionally, both of which are perfectly effective as her story unfolds. Almodovar has served up the usual glossy pot pourri of themes, e.

The Skin I Live In is indeed an odd movie that might disturb certain people but it still is a good film that deserves to be seen. For a while it works and can be taken seriously until the brother who he doesn’t know is a brother arrives dressed as the LSU tiger because he can only go out in costume 0211 was very difficult for me to write the plot summary without spoilers since the screenplay is very well developed like a puzzle and the mystery is kept along most part of the story.

It’s gone on by ” Orloff y oa hombre invisible aka “Dr.

As the story unfolds, petal by petal in that flower-like way we’ve become accustomed to seeing from Habiot, each scene adds wonder and flavour to an already robust set-up. Moody terror movie about a mad doctorassisted by a maid Marisa Paredesremoves the structure of a gorgeous women and attempts to graft her skin onto her body.

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People left the cinema as the end credits began to roll, laughing – not in derision, but in shock. I’m in two minds as to whether I want more people to see the film and give it the poor reviews it deserves, or whether I want them to be saved from the waste of time and see something with merit. This is a deadly serious role, in marked contrast to Banderas’s other current star turn as the voice of Puss in Boots.


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In a sentence like many who haven’t watched the film are quick to point out the film sounds creepy at best and deals with a plot that makes most uncomfortable. It is hugely intriguing because of this. Log in with Facebook.

But when I saw that shot, I was convinced of what was going on underneath, and I was right. And that’s high compliment. It also uses the more complex and fractured time structure style of Almodovar’s more recent work, to great effect.

Nov 23, Rating: The plot, such as it is, is more worthy of an old Boris Karloff movie. Less emotional than my two very favorite Almodovar films Talk to Her, All About My Motherbut its exciting to see this extremely talented film maker continue to evolve and grow, and I think this represents work that can stand among his best.

It swept me away and completely engulfed me in this world that Almodovar established. However, in one scene there is a brief gory image when a person attempts to cut their own throat, resulting in a brief blood spray.

It is no masterpiece. If you get a tad confused over that last sentence, you have just experienced La piel que habito; a farce of a movie if there ever was one. This issue about a doctor who attempts to remake the bruised face of intimate people has been treated several times in the European cinemasuch as: You’ll have to see the rest for yourself. There is no “there” there. They are all depressed, mad or criminal in some way, and the whole experience left me feeling like I needed a shower.