I mean, it’s not like you’ve ever heard of a drunk being combative or making bad decisions. Seems blogger once again hit the wall and froze showing comments in the original concert series post. Mule sounds like just go to Picasso Moon on Main St. As long as there is wheelchair access and handicap parking??? Both times, same songs, same order, same lame one liners talking to the crowd “you like my haircut, my probation officer loves it”. Move into 77 Main St.

Some of the openers have been posted on the labatt canal concert website! C’mon man, ZZ Top for free and you bitch? Now everything is roped or fenced off and everyone is funneled into the parking lot area. NT was a WAY better venue for these shows anyway. Half of the Artpark shows have played this area and Lockport for free already so what’s the big deal? I can’t believe that the promoter couldn’t score some big name acts like Metalica, Bruce Springsteen,or even Van Halen. She indicated to me that they want to work with the Mayor to find a better location. I’d love to see it!

Gov’t Mule [06-29-2012] Labatt’s Canal Concert Series, Lockport, NY

The Senior crowd likes to attend also but the bands are a little to wild lately. We drive from Rochester almost every Friday for these concerts because Rochester gets absolutely no talent.

It would be cool if people could bring chairs to sit on Its free there is lbatt to compaline about, if anything you should be complaining about artpark charging because there line-up is not very good this summer. Who the hell wants to come to Lockport to see a show when the closest you can get is 60 feet in front of the stage?


Very Canadian lineup this year. Diverse opinions are welcome and encouraged. Artpark still has great bands.

This Monday at 1pm or Next Monday? Website saids it’s cancelled. If you want to see the concerts from a more “handicap friendly” environment.

This will be much worse. Take a “free” chance at something new. I hope people stop complaining about what country these bands are from, and actually listen to them. I can’t believe that the promoter couldn’t score some big name acts like Metalica, Bruce Springsteen,or even Van Halen.

I have been able to hear the music from concerts every Friday night since they have started I am not complaining, I enjoy sitting in my backyard when I can’t go downtown. TV ads said Rik was playing on Friday afternoon.

Nice crowd, great atmosphere”. There sure seemed to be a awful lot of people in the vip that did,nt seem to have a issue seroes spending the 22 bucks for a good time. All we need is a lame horse and some rope to tie you up with. Ever see the movie Canadian Bacon?

Don’t rain on the parade.


I can’t sit sucks. Who get’s to keep the money from the vip seating? With 2 more spots to fill, could be an outstanding lineup with the right bands. BUT, keep up the good work This weekend going to MTN.

How many Lockport cops does it take to arrest a drunk guy who is so hammered that a slight breeze cam knock him down? Sometimes high school behavior never dies.

Lockport NY: Molson Canal Concert Series

I am worried abouot all the conservative republicans getting very agitated when they come to see tea party and it’s not what they expect! They need that much space reserved to hold King Tuck. Not worth it all you get is 1 free drink and there’s still about a 10 minute wait to use the bathroom.

The “fake” Guess Who sounded awesome. Anybody confirm if The Tea Party is cancelled?

The last Woodstock though, let’s see, they did do a lot of complaining and rioting and raping. Do not encourage the behavior. This year I haven’t heard any music until last night. They do it Buffalo all the time. Nickelback walks into a bar