Trivia During the opening montage, some famous “witches” can be seen. October 14, Original Film Release Date: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So stoked to watch this one tomorrow. Do not let anyone under 17 see the DVD, just lock it away until you want to relive it for another party. We watched it in a headshop in Amsterdam with Dutch subtitles. Learn more More Like This.

El Hombre de Badajoz. Writer, critic, film editor John Delia has been on all sides of the movie business from publications to film making. This adds cabbie Manuel played by Jaime Ordonez and a frightened passenger to round out our little group and get us ready for when things go from bad to scary worse. During the never-ending TV taping for a New Year’s Eve program, peoples personal lives clash and eventually explode out into the open. Really… No kidding… just check Wikipedia. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. So stoked to watch this one tomorrow.

Muertos de risa Jose and his companions some of them kidnapped along with his unfortunate son, head for the border with France. Once the boys get there we discover the witches have been waiting for them. A gang of armed robbers finds a safe haven in a secluded village crammed with witches–only to encounter the bizarre, the unexpected, and the occult.

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But he looks at me with those eyes Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your Twitter account. Silvia Secun de la Rosa But, in a place crammed with witches of all sorts–and after numerous encounters with the bizarre, the unexpected and the occult–the clumsy thieves will have to learn fast the ways of the coven if they want to save themselves, and the rest of the world from the next witch apocalypse.


But, are they up to the job? Can they save themselves, and the rest of the world from the next witch apocalypse? Witching and Bitching 6. Horror movies not in English.

Las Brujas De Zugarramurdi

As fate would have it, they run head-on into a horde of crazed women who hate all men and feed on human flesh.

As our guys drive towards the basque country along the border, they all share their frustrations enlish problems with women. An out-of-work publicist who suffers an accident looks to sell the exclusive interview rights to the highest bidder in an attempt to provide for his family.

When they get to a small border town called Zugarramordi, a haven for witches, the fleeing robbers get cursed with only one way to escape it; get swallowed whole and hope they come out the other end alive. The Last Circus Follow John on Twitter staragent1 or send John a message at jdelia acedmagazine.

Each and every one of them eenglish baffled and confused and just plain sick of dealing with all the ladies in their lives. Share this Rating Title: He and several of his colleagues, who once made a living in American Westerns shot in Spain, now are reduced to doing stunt Favorite Foreign Language Comedies. This one had me giggling right off the bat. And show up they do.

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You Might Also Like. All CGI and as big as King Kong with the massive bloated form of a Neolithic Fertility Venus statuette all that was missing was some other Kaiju to give us an apocalyptic monster battle….


You see as it happens our getaway route to France takes the boys right through the center of the picturesque Basque town of Zugarramurdi where in the Spanish Inquisition held the largest purges of heretics and witch trials in Spanish history. Jose, a deadbeat, single and desperate dad, forgets that it is his assigned day to lax with his young son.

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The movie opens in a city square in Madrid with hundreds of people walking around looking in shop windows and enjoying a nice day. We get oodles of wall crawling witches… flying witches… crazy clawing hungry cannibal witches… more running and screaming. But then coming as it does from Spanish director Alex De La Iglesia, that really comes as no surprise.

And he absolutely has to get that money.

There are definitely days when my movie choices must have her shaking her head and wondering just how she ever fell for a goofy movie obsessed woman like me. Edit Did You Know? After a wild chase scene the three men, their captive and a huge bag full of gold rings have traveled beyond Madrid and are on their way to Paris, France to visit Disneyland. John Delia Writer, critic, film editor John Delia has been on all sides of the movie business from publications to film making.