They take him to hospital. Bansuri stops Baldev and asks him to see his wedding card. Scene 1 Randhir says have you gone mad. Balwant says take him to room, I will get medicine. Sharon asks Bua, what she is doing here. Member feedback about Rajeshwari Sachdev: Kidnapper runs leaving her.

Member feedback about in Indian television: Meghan says she knows they were not at home yesterday night and mom god injured by someone and asks what they are hiding from her. She says it is difficult to forgive him, but until she forgives him, he will continue apologizing her. Click here for All new Friday spoilers. A man asks her why she is crying, if she is hungry. Gaurav says even he was trying Pratik since a long time, but he did not pick call.

Last updated Nov 26, Kushan gets a message and smiles. Bansuri sees Veera behind him and smiles. It was first about an year-old girl Trisha, who goes missing after a beach party with friends, and how epislde mother struggles to get her back. He stops her and says nobody should tell what he has to do and says he cannot tolerate he and came here for his daughters and not her. Social Media Managers New York. Member feedback about Akansha Sareen: I know you dont accept this.

He received many nomination and adulation for the portrayal of V Retrieved 16 October He says Vivan hov him, so he has to pay for it.


He has two siblings, a younger brother and sister. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Seher puts the veil on her head just like Sanam puts on herself before offering namaz. Vivan asks what drama she is creating. He has also trained many transformation coaches, corporate traine He turns and notices Haya drying her wet hair.

He tries to hold her but she glares and he steps back. He asks why is episove crying. Apart from actors, he has trained numerous people from various walks of life using his unique techniques and helped them transform themselves and achieve their maximum potential.

Adita Wahi is an Indian television actress, model and anchor.

214 says he does not want to pick call. Balwant says how will you go to get sherwani stitch, who made you eat it.

Rishi Khurana is an Indian television actor. Lavanya waits for Kushan at home. Udaan 22nd November Written Update. Scene 1 Randhir says have you gone mad. Amrita promotes about new time slot of 8: Gaurav says he will get money.

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Editor Login Contact us. Tumhari Paakhi 22nd November Written Update. Kabeer reminisces his happier moments with his own daughter. The following is a list of events affecting in Indian television. Early life Khan was born 1 April in Mumbai, India. Sanam is in tears. Amrita says she can feel her touch.


Wrigten in Bath Showers Blog. Nurse informs operation will take hours. He seeks forgiveness from Allah. She turns and he turns to see her.

He apologizes eipsode for revealing their secret and brainwashes that Sonali will ruin his life and asks to get out of her and be with him. Ahil-Seher are tying the dhaga.

Laut Aao Trisha

Baldev turns to go inside. He says yes, you are right, what can you now. Sign in Recover your password. Member feedback about in Indian television: Vivan says he will not kill Vivan though. Member feedback about Ayaz Khan: He says he does not want to go to jail and requests her to help him. Trisha asks for a notebook and a pen and says she is getting bored here so she wants to write. He says she is in ICU and is shot. Gaurav comes and says he deserves this, but requests not to do anything that would affect Vivan or Trisha.

She smiles and misses Baldev.