The presence of the glasses also improved the perceived black levels and the absence of crosstalk and flicker, coupled with the screen size gave the 3D more impact. This wouldn’t be so bad if the cord was reasonably long, but at only 1. This is due in part to the increased brightness which gave the images far more dynamic range in 3D but the absence of crosstalk and the reasonable screen size also helped. Having said that, we struggled with the voice control and found it much easier and faster to point and press. I can catch up with my programmes. You even have the choice of the User setting if you want to calibrate the 3D image but with 3D we tend to find that brightness and lack of crosstalk are the two most important elements.

Clearly this is an issue that LG needs to address because the whole point of having a full array backlight is to avoid the kind of uniformity issues that plague LCDs that use LED edge lighting. The standard remote is made of glossy black plastic and overall it has a pleasing ergonomic design, it is comfortable to hold, intuitive to use, has buttons that are sensibly laid out and includes a back light. LG have ambitions in the high-end market, Steve Withers finds out if they’re ready by Steve Withers May 19, at There’s also a free-to-air satellite tuner but it should be stressed that this is not a Freesat tuner so there’s no EPG or other niceties. The number on the left is the delta value. Unfortunately, as is also quite common these days, the HDMI inputs are too close to the edge and if you use reasonably robust HDMI cables they may be visible. The graph says this:

A delta value lower than one results emart almost perfect colors. This is a very simple and effective way of optimising your display for your viewing environment and is very useful for a novice or someone without a calibration disc. LG need to concentrate on improving the panel design first before they add all the bells and whistles; if they can do that then they will have a product to contend with.

Looking at the remote, there is the first lm96v0 that LG have been listening to feedback because it includes a button called Settingswhich takes you directly to the setup menu. However what is visible is the increased brightness and absence of flicker and crosstalk, which results in a far more comfortable nao enjoyable 3D experience.

LG – 55″ LMV Nano Cinema Full HD 3D LED Freeview Smart TV |

However within the isf Expert1 or Expert2 modes there is also the Expert Control option which gives the smatr calibrator access to an impressive array of picture controls. Audio HeadPhones Portable Audio.

Unfortunately the problems with black levels and screen uniformity were always present and as a result even the areas where the 55LM excelled were diminished. The viewing angles were also very good, even approaching plasma levels at times.


The local dimming certainly helped and appears to be better implemented than on the 47LM but there was still some haloing, although it was less icnema than on previous najo. The presence of the glasses also improved the perceived black levels and the absence of crosstalk and nank, coupled with the screen size gave the 3D more impact.

The reason for the change of heart is that passive 3D, with its very cheap and easy to use glasses, has proved popular with casual 3D viewers which is just about everybody and is better suited to large groups or those nqno small children. Last year, LG had to go it alone with their passive approach to 3D which they call Cinema 3D but this year Toshiba and even Panasonic have joined the club. Nanno other big advantage of passive 3D is a very wide angle of viewing along a horizontal plane which, along with the cheap glasses, makes watching spectator events much easier.

The second remote control included with the 55LM is LG’s Magic Motion remote which is designed to help navigate the Smart TV platform and is a motion sensitive device similar to the controller on a Nintendo Wii. The 55LM also performed well in the film detail test and correctly locked on to the image resulting in lm960g aliasing.

You can watch high-definition TV using the built-in freeview HD tuner and the LMVs immersive viewing experience is further enhanced by its motion-sensitive, voice-controlled Magic Remote. Whilst the problem of weak blacks was largely expected, the second problem came as something of a surprise because despite the presence of a full array backlight and the Nano filter, the backlight uniformity was very poor.

LG 55LM960V

The result is that when you look at the screen you only see one p image and so using the Dual Play function, each player sees only his view on the screen. Of course if you need any more you can either buy them for a few pounds or if you have them lying around, you could even use RealD glasses from the cinema.

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The connections at the rear are fairly comprehensive and include four HDMI inputs, although we wish they were farther from the edge. LG have always included fairly comprehensive calibration controls on their displays but this year they have gone one better and now include a full colour management system CMS that allows the user to adjust all three aspects of colour for the primary and secondary colours.

The other Picture Modes available include Vivid, Standard and Game but probably of more interest to the AV enthusiast is the inclusion of a pre-calibrated Cinema setting and two isf settings.

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Yes, my password is: The slim glossy and black controller is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Your nickname or email address: Call us now on or visit our showrooms for the best deal. The isf settings, called Expert1 and Expert2, allow a professional calibrator to access advanced picture controls and then lock them once finished. After calibrating the greyscale we saw an immediate improvement in the colour gamut and thanks to the full colour management system we were able to produce a nearly reference performance in terms of colour accuracy.


The menu system on the 55LM is well designed, comprehensive, easy to navigate and responsive, which makes setting up the 55LM very easy. So far, so good but when you’re aiming your new display at the high end market, what really matters is the picture quality and here the 55LM let itself down in two very important areas – black levels and backlight uniformity. However it should be noted that passive 3D has quite a narrow viewing angle in the vertical plane so bear that in mind when installing the 55LM The almost ‘bezel-less’ panel and silver stand are genuinely striking and despite the slim dimensions, LG have managed to squeeze speakers into the bottom of the chassis that actually sound quite good.

It also includes LG’s Picture Wizard, which is a excellent feature nanl allows you to optimise the picture for your specific viewing environments. We downloaded the latest remote app both iOS and Android versions and found the interface to be reasonably effective, although a lot of features appeared to be ‘coming soon’ and overall we weren’t as impressed as we had been with Panasonic’s version.

Menu button on the remote.

The excellent scaling meant that standard tb looked very watchable but it was with high definition content that the 55LM was able to come into its own and, at times, it looked tvv stunning with beautifully realised and ffull pictures filling the screen. There have been reports of motion trails on 24p content with the 55LM but we didn’t experience this problem with our review sample. Home Dashboard – Simple, easy to navigate and with near-endless customisation options, the Home Dashboard lets you spend less time tweaking settings and more time enjoying your TV.

Gaming Performance LG have struggled with input lag over the last year and unfortunately the 55LM continued the trend in this area, delivering an input lag measurement of ms in Game mode. More Technology TV manufacturers Monitor manufacturers.