Not to be mistaken for Naruto: You need to login to do this. The Last Airbender , you white washing son of a bitch! Originally an April Fool joke and it should have stayed that way, this one-shot episode eventually became its own short series, because easily giving into peer pressure is always a good sign when it comes to being a comedian. Cut to a scene of some cars driving across a desert and loud blaring rock music. Ok, I’m done with everything I know from part 1.

You have to promise me that if I don’t survive; you have to tell Hinata You’ve never heard of them and after you’ve finish fighting them you won’t remember it even happened. Sound effect playing is the same sound heard in Dragon Ball Z when characters of extreme strength are building up energy. Thank God those days of my life are over. Song parodied is Magic Dance once again. Sasuke in a monotone voice: Not that LK ever stumbled upon The Editing Room and decided to do the same thing with a Japanese cartoon everyone stopped giving a shit about since , no siree.

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The Abridged Series which was in turn, made to make fun of the series Naruto. Wait, I’ve got littlekjriboh. Aw, come on, man. And so, Gilligan was left all alone in the world, with nobody to love him.

I think you just killed nineteen-seventies experimental glam-rock sensation David Bowie! Wait, this is only the eighth episode!

And before you know it everybody and their mother is making a bridge! I got you some paperclips and a Subway coupon. Everybody subscribes to it.

Hey, David Bowiethe seventies called, and they want their timely references back!

I am here to complain to you about things that upset me! Praise the Lord, it is a miracle!

Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show (Web Video) – TV Tropes

As of now, it has nine episodes and a two-part ltitlekuriboh which can be watched on LittleKuriboh’s account for it, called Ninjabridge. Because if there is something the world needs back, it’s DBZ reruns. Hey, Sakura, Christina Ricci called. He’s also working with a bunch of other Newgrounds rejects making yet another abridged series; this time concerning chargin’ lazors, QUALITY and shiny banana helmets which is actually moar popular than his own original show. Abrixged least as bad as all his other videos!


Lines in near-verbatim from the same scene in Naruto Abridged 5: Don’t give it up, Sakura! I’d have to be a giant fucking bitch to try to rush in and help Sasuke in his moment of. This feels like a quote, but I really have no idea if it is.

Okaaay, I’m all outta piss now! Narugo, remember Dragon Ball? Turn them all into frogs and make everything really racist. Takahashi doesn’t sue his ass off just for using his characters in a shitty parody show. Movie Labyrinth, starring, who else but David Bowie 4: Filling small gap in main post: Then, after a four week break, LittleKuriboh realised that no matter what he posted on the Internet, even if it took him eons to actually abrodged his videos, they would all receive the praise and attention at the level of any work made by Leonardo da Vinci.

LK found love yet again, this time with Marianne Miller. And everybody uses it, they’re like, “Ooh, look, a bridge. Abidged all posts by KidsDR. I sent Naruto to go find her. The old narut story has taught me a valuable lesson!


I suppose this running gag is referring to that Naruto’s focus on Sasuke throughout the series could lead one littlekutiboh believe he has romantic feelings toward him. At first, the lulz were plentiful, if you were an Uncyclopedia user or a year-old-boy.


A cameo from the main character of Yugioh and Yugioh Abridged, Yami, in which he apparently parodies a line from the movie “Kung Fu Hustle”. Let’s Dance or Bowie? Actually, if it was towards anyone in the those DB videos, he was just trolling his friends.

I’m sure they’ll be just fine Don’t give it up, Sasuke! Wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of ninjas in one turn? Theme of characters Littllekuriboh and Grounder from cartoon “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog”, who these two ninjas are being similarly voiced as.

It’s practically a drinking game at this point.

Probably unneeded for this thread, but this may be referring to the band that did one of the ending theme songs for Bleach ending theme 26, “Song For Well, since they mentioned it I decided that it is a lot better to not have my mouth move at the same time as my voice. A bit late to the party, perhaps, but at least I’m proving I know things on the internet! This is also a joke on how the english voice actor for Sasuke, Yuri Lowenthal has been the voice actor for Ben since the 2nd series Ben Also a quick reference to pokebroproductions so bad it’s good pokemon abridged.

They don’t care where they’re going.