Nicole Kidman asks Dave if he’s drunk. Kreskin’s knowledge of 70’s backup singers is tested in a segment called “Commodore or Pip? Dave announces that today is Tony Mendez’ 60th birthday, even though he’s only 52; Dave orders Anton to fetch him some coffee; a man-on-the-street segment dissects tonight’s “Top Ten Easter Bunny Pet Peeves. Dave swipes Tony’s gum, which he had tried to hide on top of one of the cameras. In a remote featuring Dave talking to various fan club presidents, a swordfight breaks out between the “Cats” and “Star Wars” fans. Also, Martin Short does another musical number, with a final note so extended that he leaves the stage, goes to the bank, buys a sandwich at Hello Deli, picks up his dry cleaning, and returns to the theater just in time for the big climax. After Dave sings a horrible rendition of “”Oklahoma,”” Paul demands to hear a better version. Somehow as a response, astronaut Buzz Aldrin is seen hitting golfballs on the theatre roof.

Later, Carly Simon and Jimmy Webb perform a duet. When Liv takes the cane to shoot the ball at Maddie it hits the window. Also, hockey great Gordie Howe calls Dave. Gail Halvorsen, who dropped candy on East German children during the airlift in Paul asks what the point of the Secret Word is, and after it’s revealed “throb” , Dave replies with “I’m tired of being held hostage by your psychotic delusions. Siskel and Ebert throw snowballs; Michael J. Dave says a focus group doesn’t like his “Countdown to the Millennium” segment, so Paul gives one last fact: Dave shows outtakes of Leonard’s Grammy report, and then gets thrown out of a taping of “Wheel of Fortune” by a security guard resembling Bill DeLace.

Dave shows the audience an old photo of Morty with an afro, and then later shows a doctored photo of himself with a head-bush. Dave notices an empty seat in the third row, so he brings in a guy from outside to fill it.

Roseanne makes a rare political statement; Dave’s accountant Fred Nigro takes a bow. After calling her, autumn leaves are dumped in her office. Also, Mujibur and Sirajul report from yesterday’s Daytona The cast and crew explains why they’re glad the O. The secret word is “hydraulic”; Dave gives a photographer in the audience a Polaroid to shoot pictures during the show; Jake Gyllenhaal plugs October Sky.

Like he does every year, Dave regales us with another one of his far-fetched New Year’s stories. The footage is repeated several times. The town that sends the most valuable gifts will be the new Top Ten Home Office. Jay Thomas shows Dave a tape of himself spitting out something during a recent television appearance.

Liv & Maddie – S 1 E 7 – Dodge-A-Rooney – video dailymotion

During Mailbag, Gerard performs a Broadway-style number about the possibility of him getting fired. The outside cam reveals the long line of people waiting with anticipation to see the next “Charts and Graphs” segment on June Dave calls Aloha Meats in Honolulu to see if they answer the phone by saying “”aloha””; the secret word is “”polymer””; Dave and Shecky hang out with a Star Wars fan; Aretha Franklin attempts to sing “”Nessun Dorma.


By the end of the show, they are all wearing identical sweaters and khakis. Dave sends an audience babe out to get some snow, and throughout the night the show is interrupted by a three-way snowball war between Dave, Inky and Anton.

Dave celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the debut of The David Letterman Show by showing clips of the first broadcast; Biff interrupts Dave so that Corey Pavin winner of the U. At the end of the show, he is removed from his fishbowl and is placed on top of a skateboard. Later, Stevie Starr shows Dave the magic of forcing yourself to regurgitate. An audience member plays a staged version of “The Price is Right,” and wins a can of flour. Dave is so fascinated by Paul’s shaved head introduced last night that he has to talk about it at the beginning of the show.

Dave announces that today is Tony Mendez’ 60th birthday, even though he’s only 52; Dave orders Anton to fetch him some coffee; a man-on-the-street segment dissects tonight’s “”Top Ten Easter Bunny Pet Peeves.

Jesse Jackson discusses current events and mentions his son’s run for Congress. Later, Dave spills coffee on his tie and suffers a nervous breakdown, which is followed by a safety message from Paul. The Dutch husband and wife from last night resurface for a brief moment; Paul wears a top hat and a tuxedo; Bruce Willis gets his head scrubbed. Uma Thurman joins Dwlishows Rivera as the mock jury of cab drivers continues to deliberate, led by foreman Parminder Singh. New York Marathon winner John Kagwe runs through during the monologue, and is later followed by women’s winner Franca Faicconi.

Jerry Garcia sits in with the band; Dave makes several jokes at the expense of Yassir Arafat.

Liv And Maddie Season 1 Episode 7 Dodge A Rooney

Dave freshens up by walking outside the theater, towards a hot dog vendor, znd washing his face in the dirty hot dog water. Dave finds a sports reporter from Indianapolis outside and invites him in; Dave launches “”Top Ten Plus,”” the quicker and more efficient Top Ten list; after Delishoes mocks a magazine with the headline “”Sweat with Fabio,”” the male model drops a sandbag on the desk, and Dave throws him out of the theater.

Also, Dave announces his new catchphrase: The outside cam goes to Joe G’s to launch production of the quickie movie “”Space Volcano””; Bruce Willis murders Mujibur and Deliahows Demi Moore shows up with 15 dogs as a gift for Dave, and later the mutts storm the control room. Forget about the cash. In honor of an incident that resulted in a forfeit in the previous night’s Dodgers-Cardinals game, audience members throw baseballs at Dave.


Tony Mendez interrupts Dave, pointing out that he’s missing a cue card.

Liv & Maddie – S 1 E 7 – Dodge-A-Rooney

When all is said and done, Dave announces the tax company’s new slogan: Biff has hot towels for the audience, while the Spice Girls perform “”Stop. Dave stoically mentions that this will be the last night for the current set, and that it will be remodeled during the NCAA Tournament coverage. Feeling anxious due to all the attention, he never falls asleep. Dave shows off a tick that has embedded itself into his suit, then shows more footage of him at Taco Bell. Dave calls the corner pay phones, but no one answers.

Also, the Turkish guy has been promoted to stagehand. In honor of the recent Sotheby’s Auction that featured items once owned by John F.

The Secret Word is “prick,” with the stock footage of the baby owls eating the rat seasom an already crowded group of sponsors; John Mayall sits in; Jason Biggs promotes American Pie. A stagehand gives him an ax, cuts the phone cord, and hands the phone to an audience member. Jimmy Smits, a guest the night before, is seen in his hotel room naked, doing push-ups and watching TV in bed.

Dave claims that the chairman of Westinghouse has agreed to fight him. The Flying Rat is introduced on the show during a segment called “”What’s New for Spring””; in the same segment a small army of clowns attack Mujibur and Sirajul, then storm the Late Show stage; Dave chats with “”Buddy, the Sleepy Lifeguard.

The only people who call are CBS employees who have access to a live feed in their offices. Throughout the night, Calvert reports from the parade; as he does every year, Dave guesses what pies his mother made this Thanksgiving; Gabriel Byrne plugs “Point of No Return.

Al Norwood stirs Dave’s coffee with the boom mike; Biff attempts to play the sax; Dave shows a clip of his supposed cameo in the “”X-Files”” movie. Dave brings out 70 cases of Gatorade that were received after the stunt in Show During an interview with Isabella Rosselini, a guy on fire runs around the stage.