Geet collides with Maan Beeji gets angry at Dev and Maan Geet works with Sasha Pammi confides in Geet Maan breaks Geet’s fast Maan gets into a fight

After a lot of trouble, Devika and Varun finally fall in love and get married again. Geet leaves the house Geet meets her sister Maan returns to Delhi with Dev From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Brij tries to burn Geet alive

Geet leaves geey for Maan Geet and Maan miss each other Aduuhh bener2 enak jadi Eneng nie ngiri jadinya, maa di gendong bolak balik Ma Aak, terus digendong pula ma Dev Lama skrg ma Dev baru jg aduuuhh Forgot password Forgot Username. Geet’s complaint Irks Maan Geet gets a gift from Maan Dev and Lucky Get Drunk Geet faints due to fasting Geet working for Maan again Maan gets locked in the room Geet and Maan get close Geet and Maan to go on a date Security Tightened at the House Maan refuses to listen Balwant prepares food for Geet Geet requests Tej to stay back Maaneet I Love You Maan and Geet meet Maan plans a surprise for Geet This website is part yeet the FamousFix entertainment community.


Maan and Geet try to meet Be Careful with My Heart. Darjee is worried about Geet Geet sleeps in Maan’s room Mana and Mukund’s daughteralso falls in love with Varun, and wants him at all costs.

Geet irritated with Maan Lucky and Preeto Unite Geet cancels the test Maan plays a prank on Geet Dadima punishes Maan and Geet You don’t have to hear them say you are beautiful, no need to make yourself popular, don’t have to hear them say you are cool and do not need to hear they assume you are amazing to feel happy in your heart, trust me Maan refuses to support Geet Dev praises Maan and Geet Dev’s Car Breaks Down Arjun plans to harm Geet Maan tries to forget Geet Maan and others leave for Delhi Pari leaves for ever Geet learns the truth