When the lesser known Super Friends feel rejected by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, Plastic Man and Black Lightning lead them into expressing the feelings of not living up to their team name through a show tune routine. Seeing this, Pitt then decides that he’s better off with Fiona. Coyote and the Road Runner -style, and learns a strange truth about her friends, her father, and her fame. However, Lady Gaga is chosen as the first Avenger. Iron Man and War Machine realize they’re dating the same woman: Katy Putty ‘s new song ” Flammable ” gives hope to clay, paper, and wool characters who feel rejected by society — but all of them burst into flames due to fireworks they release. This page was last edited on 23 February , at

Rayman then beats up the rabbids for stealing his franchise and wrecking his house. MADvent Calendar, the Rockets! Spy , and Money Diapers. Scrawny weakling Steve Rogers is transformed into a buff super soldier to entertain the troops at the USO show. When Ariel is dumped by Prince Eric for Ursula, she moves in with three guys who, like Prince Eric, find her tendencies really annoying. Spy , and Wall Scientists. However, the match proves to be more successful than the human version, causing the human wrestlers to become unemployed. Top secret agents are sent by Gargamel to capture the Smurfs.

Katy Putty ‘s new song ” Flammable ” gives hope to clay, paper, and wool characters who feel rejected by society — but all of them burst into tatet due to fireworks they release. Rose states to the wood she will never let go, and the wood knocks Jack aside. Retrieved August 7, While on a trip a TaunTaun buys a model star destroyer in a bottle.

Thus prompting a large artist’s hand to appear and redraw the world and everyone in it. So he calls for help from Tintin.

Wonka explains that there was a mix-up from his new workers, the Alfa-Alfas. Retrieved March 12, When he gets it home, he accidentally breaks the bottle and finds a document title “secret plans” with the model. Soon most of Hollywood is taken over by Fred zombies. This turns out to be a monster movie DJ Lance Rock watches, believing this would never happen to him, but he is proven wrong when his dolls rope him.


However, the recruiters don’t believe he’s qualified to join on the technicality that he doesn’t have superpowers. It’s All Hazy Anyway! Retrieved from ” https: So they decide to live off of Real Veal’s remains gater the next several months. Retrieved April 29, Spyand Merry Christmas, Charlie Sheen!

He begins to berate their progress and orders each one to start over, much to the horror of the monster chefs. Where Are They Now? One Direction comes up with a song about MAD being the worst show on television ever. The Gods of Mars. History of Mad Recurring features Alfred E. Spyand Bad Idea. Dora the Explorer is the newest Avatar revealedand Hulk crashes the sketch for additional airtime.

Neuman Fold-in Spy vs.

fulll Jake Lonergan awakens to find a strange device attached to his wrist madd memory gone. Odin becomes fed up with his son Ar THOR ‘s spoiled tendencies, excommunicates him out of Asgard until he can prove himself responsible enough wield his powers.

Film spoofs TV show spoofs. Archived from the original on November 25, There he meets Marvin the Martian who dubs him “Yawn Carter” for his long winded boring back story. Scrooge McDuck tries to get his three grandnephews: Old Spock spends his tofs time pranking his younger self and the U. When transfers from East High School arrive at Forks High Tiaraz, things become difficult for Bella, the Cullen family, and Jacob who find their upbeat attitude and constant singing annoying.

Later, Jack and Rose are left to drift anr to a piece of wood. Archived from the original on January 31, It’s a classic tale of America’s greatest giant ape president. Edward and Bella’s wedding ceremony is interrupted by Buffy Summerswho begins killing all vampires in attendance.

Ella Swenson informs everybody that something is coming, as another bracelet on Jake’s arm is glowing. Spyand Frozen Computer. Bob then fights back by having the equipment form Buildtron and attacks Andrew W. After a pep talk from Leigh Anne TuohyKo-bee challenges Kobe to a game of 1 on 1 to decide who will be the superstar Kobe.


Spyand Owls: The guard decides to tell his story through song, explaining that he has moves like Jabba. Tatsr, the Greatest Thing Ever!

Tater Tots & Tiaras () Season 2 Episode B- MAD Cartoon Episode Guide

Retrieved June 9, Jake then kills the passerby, changes the story title, and heads for the nearest town, where Woodrow Dolarhyde and several men ambush Jake. Zeke is forced to team up with Lex Luthor for a skateboarding competition. Iron Man considers Banner based on his inexperience, and is left with the problem of choosing whom to make the official member.

Hammerand Madonna crashes, flooding the town they are filming in with a deadly s pop culture invasion.

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Retrieved October 20, He then discovers that also has silly bandz on his wrist, tatsr blast Ella into dust. To get clues on Nemo’s whereabouts via beating up anyone in his way, Neeson proceeds with harassing Bruce and the tkts, Ariel and Flounder, and SpongeBob before the crazy actor is captured by John Lasseter.

Things start out fine until Bil pulls Jay aside to warn him of the danger of their son, Jeffy, who has been forcing the rest of the Keane family to retell the same jokes for over four decades for his own amusement.

Next they have her date SpongeBob SquarePantsbut she finds out he is way more chipper than she expected.