A small town boy who was grappling with the transition he had made from the Kamgar Rangabhoomi to the big bad world of Marathi Commercial theatre. Get theatre updates in your inbox subscribe to Mumbai Theatre Guide weekly updates. I manage to procure tickets twice through Chander Patil, who ‘made-up’ the late Machindra Kambli and his cast for almost 2, shows of the 5, shows the play did ; and then when the cast dwindled, Chander Patil had to perform shows as Shakuni Mama; since actors were not available. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Arjun, Bhim, Krishna, Draupadi. A friend told me, this is not Marathi, its Malwani.

Once or twice, they tried to stop the staging. Toggle navigation Register Login. The classic is now coming back with a bang. The Times of India. It has hilarious peccadilloes which are spot on, even prescient, and its call for a real organic memory of Mahabharata is a superb antidote to anyone suffering through the excesses of ‘taking one’s culture too seriously. And thus began his flirtations with acting.

InMohan Tondwalkar who became an adversary in the Marathi Natya Parishad offered him a tiny role.

Following the principles of life. The play was staged.

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Get set for this political comedy. Vastraharan, a Marathi play turned into a cult classic on stage by the late Machchindra Kambli, is one of them. Audience applauding each and every line; so much so a two hour play duration stretches to three hours.

When I used to praise the show to the Late Machindra Kambli, he used to laugh, hic-cup, belch-burp and say, ‘Mr Ramu, art is long dead. He was informed the Maharaja of Malwan had exited. Entertainment Celebrating basant through dance vadtraharan music You can change your city from here.


I tried to negotiate; and he would glare balefully at me and be blunt, ‘You’re an English theatrewallah. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Oh, but Babuji also helps us and funds more than two hundred of us when we mha the money.

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But the constellations had to be appeased. They are giving me free publicity; at no extra cost! You make more money than our people even though you don’t deserve it. Actors request audience to tone down their laugh so that they can complete the show in one theatre shift.

Like all theatre producers he was tight-fisted, had an eye for detail and was a solid administrator. Wrestling with the notions of right and wrong.

I brought up the matter with a crew member. This meant a vastrhaaran hour performance became a five hour show. The late Marathi stage and film actor, Kashinath Ghanekar, gave us a brilliant idea.

He earned Rs 15 doing odd back-stage jobs. For all those who missed out watching this legendary Marathi vwstraharan Vastraharan, you can now see it on ApaliMarathi February 16, was the day of Total Solar Eclipse and this day turned out to be the most auspicious day for the team of ‘Vastraharan’, as their inaugural stage show was scheduled on this day.


‘Vastraharan’, Kambli‚Äôs classic, to be staged for the 5,000th time

Those days, Malwani sea food and the Konkan coast were not in vogue; so it took me a while to dast what was being told to me. It received an invite from the Maharashtra Mandal in London. This was perhaps the reason, that in spite of the thousands of shows, the play never morphed into one of those ‘classic productions’, which could nationally encash in on its fame and glory like lesser vastraharaan during that time.

And Tatya Sarpanch would have gone on living.

The classic play ‘Vastraharan’ makes a comeback Sakhi is overwhelmed saying goodbye to her team mates Mahapaur Karandak theatre fest makes a comeback Review: Instead of cancelling our show, they should have watched our play, had a dialogue with us.

Unfortunately, he is not alive to see it,” Mangesh Kadam, who is the conceptualiser now, said.

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Every entry was greeted with thunderous applause. His theatre bus was a case in point. This was subversion at its best.