The mean age of a total of students was A total of patients with epilepsy who visited the outpatient clinic were recruited for this hospital based cross-sectional, observational study. Targeted intervention was initiated in the form of DBT. There is need for designing proper awareness programme and genuine center for treatment. It might be expected that soft neurological signs would be related to neurocognitive performance in bipolar disorder. Socio-demographic characteristics were comparable in both groups. Indoor patients with alcohol withdrawal state at tertiary care centre present mainly with uncomplicated withdrawal, delirium or psychotic disorders and are managed with lorazepam or Chlordiazepoxide and various types of psychotherapeutic interventions.

A detailed history with demographic profile and physical examination is done, consultation liaison when required , and laboratory investigations where indicated are performed to rule out any physical comorbidity. Proportion of patients showing improvement was calculated using rating scores available in discharge summaries. The onset of this disorder starts usually before 3 years. Also, most physicians miss the opportunity to advise their patients on the risks of continuing tobacco use and benefits of cessation. Patient was gradually improving with significant improvement of HAM-D score over 4 weeks. Major depressive disorder was most common psychiatric co-morbidity. Assessment of cognitive impairment and psychiatric comorbidity has a role in comprehensive care of NMO patients.

Neurocognitive deficits exist in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder, Soft neurological signs, mhaisagar been observed in patients with bipolar disorder. To study the psychiatric co-morbidity and coping in patients of alcohol dependence syndrome during their abstinence.

Nicotine dependence; smoking; psychiatric patients; tobacco cessation; India.

Mean IQ score of the sample was Schizophrenia is a heterogeneous disorder; it needed distinct extent of interventions for each patients. Conclusion – Overall students have negative attitude towards Psychiatry. This study is aimed to assess the effect of psychoeducational intervention on metabolic abnormalities and metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia.

Descriptive statistics and Chi square test used for statistical analysis. It is estimated that in India approximately 10 million children are affected with this disorder. If they were willing to participate then their consent were taken in their mother tongue. Alcohol dependence is associated with subjective, objective sleep disturbances, poor quality of life and higher psychiatric co-morbidities than healthy controls.

Specific and regular training in taking a sexual history is essential in addressing the difficulties faced by postgraduate psychiatry trainees in India. Any single characteristic or symptom is not pathognomonic of a particular disorder. Elevated ALT and GGT levels in alcohol withdrawal patients with convulsions indicate that it could be a risk factor for alcohol withdrawal seizures.


The sample comprised of 25 patients of alcohol dependence and matched healthy control. A purposive sample of 30 mothers with severe mental illness was obtained. The Psychiatric evaluation was done using ICD diagnostic criteria for research. The result of present study will pave the way for further studies in the concerned area which is a growing concern these days. My study is done to assess the IQ levels of juvenile offenders and find association between delinquent behaviour and IQ.

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A cross sectional study at review op of tertiary care hospital. These changes are likely to affect the wellbeing of the retired person in innumerable ways. When eposode system judges it necessary, an alert is sent to the authorized medical provider, who 2286 then examine the source data resulting in the alert, and take steps to monitor and assist potentially suicidal patients.

Significant negative correlation between negative symptoms and threat identification was also found indicating that people with more negative symptoms would have significant emotion recognition deficits, which influences other social cognitive domains and functional outcome in schizophrenia. This was a hospital based case control study conducted on inpatients of alcohol dependence and equal number of age epidode sex matched controls.

Typically asymptomatic it substantially affects the psychological wellbeing of patient due to the burden associated with the visibility of vitiligo and its consequent impact on interactions with others.

PGT, burdwan medical college, Kolkata, West bengal. Tab Lorazepam was given as sedative.

Catatonia, Mutism, Malingering, Under trial prisoner. In this case we have discussed about an atypical presentation with only mutism along with review about mutism.

The findings of the current study suggest that the pattern and parameters associated with psychoactive substance use among those presenting to a tertiary care DDTC, needs to be prioritised within services for at-risk people in the community.

Improving adherence in schizophrenia may have a considerable positive impact on patients and society. A total of family members were included in the study in groups of 60 each i. For reducing the morbidity and burden of depression it is important to address stigma towards depression.


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Data collected was pooled and statistical analysis was done. Audible Download Audio Books. Stress is very much prevalent in various medical schools. To get earlier onset of response, rapid restoration of the biological function in depression e. Sub-syndromal mood symptoms produced cognitive effects, predominantly on verbal memory.

The etiology for suicidal behavior is complex and multifactorial.

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If these children are brought up in neighbourhood where delinquent examples and substance abuse are common may lead to delinquency. Till now only 7 patients have been assessed and no clear cut result has been mahisaagr.

Disease-specific quality of life scales are needed not simply for greater brevity, but to ensure sensitivity to sometimes small, but clinically significant, changes in health status and levels of disease severity.

That will improve help seeking and lead to a good quality of life. M Hospital, a tertiary care centre associated with Dr. A series of 9 lectures were delivered to a total of students pursuing courses in Nursing and Physiotherapy.

Most of the respondents perceive need of medical help for symptoms of dementia, on the other hand, good family support, improving coping skills, discussion with others etc are recommended to resolve symptoms of depression. Current trends shows Mirtazepine is added with SSRI even in first episode of depression to achieve above mention effects.

The patients were divided into 2 groups one with delirium tremens and other without. Here we present a case of mahjsagar due to ICSOL in a patient of affective disorder with history of recurrent catatonic episodes, highlighting the importance of approaching each catatonic presentation as a syndrome with diverse possible mahisahar.

A Caregiver has the responsibility for meeting the physical and the psychological needs of patient with mental illness. Meningomyelocele, Prenatal mahisaagr, antipsychotic. There is positive association between poor knowledge and negative attitude towards substance users.