Still thinking of what to do at Halloween? Here are Kimmo Wilska, japegron Miska Kajanus johannatohni happeningfish vihustla Robert Pettersson and helenapollanen Get your tickets from http: As one could expect the show was really epic and grandiose with all those symphonic elements in the music. What he lacks in confidence, he makes up for in sexual frustration. They still can deliver the goods, so for us fans them keeping the band alive is naturally a great thing. Arctic Laughs is now over, thanks to everyone who made it happen, hope to see you all again next year! Then it was time to check out the band who replaced Devil You Know on the last minute due to a cancellation. The last weekend of June Finnish metalheads and many of their international fellows gathered together again in Helsinki for the 17th edition of the Tuska festival.

Songs from all their albums but Swansong were executed flawlessly and a good bit of British humour was involved in the stage banter between the songs. He has a unique style with his jokes, personal stories and silly faces. A good energetic show by the men and the keyboard girl in leather. Riku is a Finnish person who moves and speaks on stage. People will actually get to hear more Niko and Ari together because Niko re-joined the band as a guitarist and vocalist. Big respect to their sound guy too for a really big but clear sound during the whole show. See him perform on shows 10 and 14! It seemed like their grim music made the rain pour down even more.

Closing the cojedy on the main present was Dimmu Borgir. He is clearly doing his own thing instead of having his band Poisonblack sound like a clone of his former band. See Liz perform on shows 2, 5,7, 10 and 13! Arctic Laughs is now over, thanks to everyone who made it happen, hope to see you all again next year!


The next two acts made a lot of old school metalheads really happy. Tommi has been a professionla comedian for 7 years and has won numerous Stand Up competitions in Finland.

If you like your comedy a bit rough around the edges and not so P.


As one could expect the show robfrt really epic and grandiose with all robett symphonic elements in the music. See this jokester perform on show 6! Children of Bodom Photo: Despite them being the first band to play a decent amount of crowd had already made it there for the party.

Humor is known for his wild stage antics. See Peter perform on shows 14 and 15! Our crew got to the Tuska site when Powerwolf was already doing the last part of their set.

Unfortunately it was raining all day so that certainly took some of the energy away from the day. See him perform on show 9!

Maybe next prezents they should be booked to play at the beer tent instead? See Paul perform on shows 2, 7 and 14! Tattooed, beatboxing surrealist mixed with a hint of innocence.

Repost arcticlaughs with repostapp. When going closer to the stage the sound was fine though and made the show a lot more enjoyable. Comedy comedystew comedybangbang comedymeme comedynchallenges comedycentralfest comedy comedytroupe comedypeace comedybawse comedyroast ComedyShowcase comedyhustler comedyinfinland ComedyBeastMode ComedyNight comedyaerials comedymovie ComedyAndDrama comedypic comedylit comedyofhorrors comedyfans comedysoulfood comedyfloor comedyvenue comedyatitsworst comedyjok comedypratfall comedybowl.

Somehow it seems that Metal Church has always been a bit underappreciated or unknown for the general metal crowd in Finland — with this show they sure did their part well trying to get some more attention here. See him perform on shows 10 and 14! Joni has been born here many times and allways as a comedian.


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Then there was the third stage indoors at an industrial hall called the Club Stage. And closing the whole festival on Sunday 1st November at 7 pm at Manala is non other than the funniest person in the World, Ismo Leikola! From what I heard from several people afterwards they got a bunch of new fans by performing at Tuska, good job! See Nigel perform on shows 4, 8, 10 and 14!

Leo will perform on show 9. Children of Bodom have previously had weird stuff as stage props cars and such, which they had petterssoj time toobut having a grill and actually using it during the show is totally unheard of.


Trent has been performing comedy for over 13 years. Don’t miss out by getting your tickets here http: After Satyricon I checked if Neurosis would work for me this time but it just sounded so dull and monotonous I rather continued being social with friends before the festival area gets closed in a couple of hours.

As a fan of the album it was great that the first four songs of the set were from it and the band pulled presens off great live as well. Don’t miss out, get your tickets now http: Get acquainted with our service fees here. See them on Saturday 31st October at Manala 2nd floor at 6 pm!

Started his comedy routines a couple of years ago after he finally realized he could put his bad life decisions to use, and he’s got plenty to share.