Fans of the new breed of teen ghost stories will definitely want to check this one out. I really enjoyed reading this book! It also very nearly had me in tears a couple of times. The story depends on things that have happened in other books, but fortunately it’s written in a way that you aren’t automatically lost. I didn’t like this book – simple. But I thought it was incredibly interesting. However, if you have read the earlier books then I definitely suggest this novella. I barely understood what was happening.

Mara is on page of of She Lies in Wait. When he looked down, he didn’t see anything, but later, when he checked the tape on his thermal camera, it showed a small figure, about three feet tall, sliding past him. Topics Mentioning This Author. Mar 26, CrystalBookSnob rated it really liked it Shelves: Not sure if I’ll keep going with the series, but maybe I will if I’m ever in the mood for a light fantasy with a cast of pleasant people. Simply written, not very deep or detailed.

On their current job at a restaurant, Annalise gets a bad feeling. I think I would have personally like this book better if I had had more of a back story to midnivht. Not exactly a typical childhood. The book’s weakness lies in its very-vanilla themes and storyline: Hi Mara – Thank you for your friendship. Maybe my parents did see me as chum.

We all moved as one slow, sweaty herd into the adjoining room. Yep I said ghost debunkers think Ghost Hunters on sci fi. Will her mothe Charlotte Silver has been through hell. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. This happens each night, and she purnyagen the shadow right across the street from her house!

Past Midnight (Past Midnight, book 1) by Mara Purnhagen

Only time can tell in this rich paranormal mystery by Ms. It’s clear that Charlotte likes him.

A few ceiling fans churned the thick air slowly, creating only a hot breeze. In fact, it was downright cold.


Jidnight would love to see Purnhagen flesh out these novellas into full novels, focusing on more details and adding more to the storyline, because there is so much she could do with it all. Jun 25, Mallory rated it it was amazing Shelves: No need for night lights for this one.

Haunting the Night (Past Midnight, #) by Mara Purnhagen

And sometimess, their work follows them home. One person found this helpful. Maybe it goes into midnkght detail in the series. So, not only is Charlotte starting a new school, and finally making new friends like Avery Macintosh, Callie, and Noah.

I always knew she would be fine. I am easily scared. She makes friends for the first time. Sep 12, Katie rated it it marra amazing Shelves: Avery, Charlotte’s best friend is begging her to go to Prom but she feels th This is definitely just a glimpse of a larger series.

I wish the killer’s fate hadn’t been so simple. I also just finished Mara Purnhagen’s Haunting the Night! Our parents spent a year researching ancient castles. There are only two characters in the book that they’re less than totally friendly towards.

They’d both studied psychology at Ivy League schools and were attending a national conference when they bumped into each other— literally, Mom claims—outside a lecture about parapsychology. At the end of summer vacation one year, however, Charlotte’s older sister Annalise steps in and lays down the law: Loved the complicated relationship between Felicity and Johanna.

Past Midnight

They’re perfectly nice people! Christopher Barzak author of Wonders o Very successful, judging by their book sales and TV deals. They are so nice to each other. No romance as of yet. She wants to appease it and get rid of it before someone get http: Oct 31, Paige Keller rated it really liked it. Does she regret never reconnecting with them in life? This was a fun read, and yet not one that necessarily needs to be read in order to understand Beyond the Grave, but since it’s free and not that long of a read, why not five it ago.


There are no ghosts, but when we die, we leave behind energies, oftentimes in the places special to us or those that we frequent, and it is these energies we left behind that people sees as “ghosts”. It affected the story positively because it helped form a plot line that lead to the major climax of the story which was solving the mystery of the dreams. This novel surprised me, and in a good way.

But Charlotte isn’t the only one hiding a secret, Avery and Jared both have their own secrets that need to be told. I tried not to, but just as Annalise asked again if anyone was present, it happened. She wants a normal family instead of the “team” that she has. Refresh and try again. A lot of talk about “energy” and such. Charlotte Silver hasn’t had a normal childhood.

Did take author awhile to get to point. This is pretty consistent with Charlotte’s actions in the earlier books because, you know, ignoring something always makes it go away.

In fact most of the things that were happening, the parents kept trying to come up with rational explanations like the rest of their debunking methods. As Charlotte struggles to understand what it is and why it’s there, she’s determined to put an end to it.