Virad attacks Ram, Sita and Lakshman. Panash and his wife attend Sugriva and Roma’s marriage. While, Rishi Vasishth informs Kaushalya and Sumitra that on Lakshman’s request, Nidradevi has given his share of sleep to Urmila, until he returns to Ayodhya. Later, Hanuman asks Sugriva to convince Bali for his marriage with Roma. Ravan is furious to learn that Mandodari has invited Vishrava. This causes Brahma to eventually get enraged as Devyani has gone ahead with the divorce and in court is revealing all of his crimes as DIG, causing the Chief Minister to give a suspension threat. Ram is surprised on learning that Jatayu is a friend of Dasharath. Views Read Edit View history.

She finds his thought right. Sita finds a kid wandering in the jungle. Later, Ravan tells Akampana about his decision to abduct Sita. Uttara, in her love, refuses to understand. A rishi speaks to Ram about Sita’s safety on their perilous journey ahead. Ravan confronts Lord Shiva for not helping him. She says I m sure whatever decision you take will be right.

She is then forced to have sex with him and his friends. Shurpanakha reaches Lanka, tells everyone about the attack and unveils her mask.

Ravan asks Malyavan to find about Surpanakha. Lakshman and Sita are attacked by a giant bird, Jatayu. When Brahma returns, Uttara expresses her love, mayrada Brahma marries her religiously, not legally. Supranakha makes sure that Ravan’s men do not launch an attack on Ram. Bharath places Ram’s sandals on the throne.


Sita decides to treat the wounded deer. Ram vows to fulfill Dasharath’s promises to Kaikeyi. He requests Mandavi to support him in his decision. When Devyani starts talking against Brahma, he reveals on Karuva Chauth that he will divorce her and wed Uttara, actually a plot to get Devyani in control.

Surpanakha plans to prove herself better than Sita.

To celebrate the New Year’s EveUttara hosts a party in which she had planned for Brahma to reveal that the two would marry. Uttara sends Tara to hostel so as to not let the violent environment at home affect her and hinder her education. Ram decides to free the people from the atrocity of the demons. Ram blows off that stick. Later, he threatens Sulochna for speaking against his family. Tara decides to make Sugriva the king of Kishkinda after his training.

Later, Lord Shiva tries to get him to realise his folly and scolds him for his misbehaviour.

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Your email address madyada not be published. Bali decides to kill Mayavi when he challenges him. She gets suspicious when Surpanakha tells her that the lotuses die when she touches them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Roma says I can understand your sorrow, this time is tough for us and Kishkindha too. Jayant says I love you. Vibhishan tries to make Surpanakha realise her mistake.


Malyavan tells Meghnath how Bali had once defeated Ravan. Sugriva tells Tara about the same. Sita tries to console a dejected Ram. She says nothing, just some wound. Because of his evilness, Priya’s previous marriage breaks up on the wedding day.

Shatrughan feels dejected on realising Bharath’s fervent love for Ram.

He asks her to sit. Ram promises Bharath to return after his exile. He tells her that she will be an inspiration for generations to come.

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She says we should talk to Tara. Views Read Edit View history. Seeta is upset about what happened with Surpanakha. Ravan tells Marich about his plan to abduct Sita.