Vietnam would have been fantastic! We all got a jolly good telling off. I just wanted to reach into the telly and jam in on her head straight. But Anka still likes Anwar. Anwar is a bit of an odd character. She warms up to him greatly when she sees his Neil Diamond T-shirt, and invites him to her private quarters to share some vodka and listen to some Neil Diamond records. She then persuades him to have sex with her. The group go to Russia on a school trip.

Use the HTML below. Chris Miles Mike Bailey Main menu Skip to content. The Dutch-man cometh Meditations on an emergency , “The Bubble”: Killer cravings Almost forgot: And then, Tony-gate happens. Seemed less a result of the living quarters than of this being the first episode of the series to focus on these two. If you compare him with Chris — both start out as comedy sidekicks, sort of, but then they turn that on its head with Chris, and with Anwar they only really scratch the surface of his character.

In a final scene, back in Russia, it emerges that the local police, Mrs. My dreams of them starring in a buddy cop movie are crushed.

Share this Rating Title: He such an innocent. I went to Cologne in high school where I nearly fell down the stairs of the clock tower. Add the first question. Well, have you ever tried being with a girl? If you’re familiar with his work, and his sense of humour, this episode really isn’t a surprise. Maxxie and Anwar The sixth form history class go to Russia on a study trip,where their bus breaks down and their drug-smuggling exploit goes awry.


Most Disturbing Tom Moment: J — I love Posh Kenneth so much. I agree this episode just made me think WTF? Sid Jenkins April Pearson Anka, acting as a translator, reveals that they will also have to cut the trip short and leave the next morning an their troubles. After this mayhem, Maxxie and Anwar make up.

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That makes it sound so adorable. From Russia with love.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I wonder what people would say if I showed up to a party in the flag jacket and orange pants. What a bizarre episode. I think if more people treated Tony the way Maxxie does, Tony would just melt or disintegrate or whatever happens to evil geniuses. Michelle Richardson Larissa Wilson Maxxie and Anwar have one of the more realistic friendships of the series. M -Tony is… how do you even begin to talk about Tony? Barney’s bimbo bonanza Busy season question: Sid finally begins to get over his constipation, but is informed, to his dismay, that Heathrow security is very tight, and it would be better to keep the drugs until they get through.


She then persuades him to have sex with her.

Playpilot – Episode 6: Maxxie and Anwar

mwxxie Be careful what you wi You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thankfully, Michelle swoops in and unknowingly saves Maxxie from an uncomfortable situation. Girls who wear Tina Fey glasses From the archives: Could I bring a girl back?

Parents, Teachers and Other Ridiculous People. Maxxie and Anwar share a room. He loves a party. A -I also like how he added a chain mail design jacket to the mix. J- Neville Chamberlain… as macxie. It needs to happen.

D I adore Maxxie. Oh and remember how they are on a school trip? It was such a episofe addition to an already ridiculous plot. They were on a break.