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ThermoVeil and EuroVeil have: It is intended only as an introduction to the production. Passes NFPA small and large-scale vertical burn. The edge, when trimmed, shall hang straight without raveling. At Norandex, we are proud to be a wellrespected leader in the home improvement. Rail Leading Innovation in a Dynamic Industry.

MirroFilm can be used as an independent material or in conjunction with ThermoVeil shadecloth to achieve aeries desired degree of solar protection and visual transmission. The shade tube is demountable from mechlshade drive brackets. Specifications subject to change without notice. MechoShade has published shading coefficient and visible light transmittance data with nine types of glass: The percentage measurement of the fiberglass-core material indicates that it did not return to its original size.

Installer trained and certified by the manufacturer with a minimum of ten years experience in installing products comparable to those specified in this section. You can be sure that your investment will add value to your home, More information.

Special ThermoVeil newtons 47 lb. In absence of such standards, assure proper use of seams or battens as required to, and assure the proper tracking of the railroaded multi-width shadebands. Weft stretch is much less with ThermoVeil 1. Worker productivity is improved through control of brightness, glare and solar radiation on people, CRT screens and work surfaces.

For each finish product specified, one complete set of shade components, unassembled, demonstrating compliance with specified requirements. Provide documentation that the shade cloth can, and is part of a closed loop of perpetual use and not be required to be down cycled, incinerated or otherwise thrown away.


Battens shall be concealed in an integrally colored fabric to match the inside and outside colors of the shadeband, in accordance with manufacturer’s published standards for spacing and requirements.

Roofing Systems There are many different systems, each with it’s own special requirements and benefits. CopyrightMechoShade Systems, Inc. This is accomplished with proper selection of fabric density in ssries with visible light transmittance of the glass.

Do not proceed with remaining work until mock-up is accepted by Architect. Improved personal protection from glare and heat.

The primary reasons for the increase More information. Provide a mock-up, if Architect requires, of one roller shade assembly for evaluation of mounting, appearance and accessories. Some of the resulting benefits are: If you have any questions about your ability to complete the procedure, call Andersen at for.

ThermoVeil and EuroVeil Brand ShadeCloths

Pilkington Activ Range Self-cleaning and solar control glass for conservatories. Polyester or Fiberglass Core Screen Cloths? They transmit less light and have a lower surface brightness which lowers reflectivity and provides excellent glare-free mechoshadd for CRTs and work stations.

Tech Bulletin Understanding Solar Performance Solar Gard solar control window films use advanced technology to benefit consumers More information. However, none of this information has to do with the quality, durability and fit-for-use longevity of the product itself.

Mark face of material to indicate interior faces.

Mecho – Motorized+Roller+Shades SpecWizard

The Architect will not produce a set of mechoshzde drawings for the installation of control wiring for the motors, or motor controllers of seriex motorized roller shades. Methods for maintaining roller shades, precautions regarding cleaning materials and methods, instructions for operating hardware and controls.

Comparing a Duro-Last Roof More information. Exposed blackout hembar with light seal. Glare and brightness can be debilitating on CRTs and other types of work stations. Test data for winter time evening.

School Of Architecture – Materials Lab

At the Mechoshaee Trust Company building in New York City, our first large scale ThermoVeil project into our knowledge, not a single shade band had been replaced due to wear and tear of normal use or color change. Display hidden notes to specifier. Constructed of a sandwich of two clear or tinted polyester with the inside face deposited with a molecular thickness of aluminum.


Easily cleaned mechoshadr in the window with Vinyl Yarns any household cleaner or disinfectant by simply wiping off the shadecloth while it hangs in the window. H ratios meet or exceed manufacturer’s standards.

SECTION 12494 – SolarTrac Roller Shade System

This formulation has been tested by the Greenguard Institute and passes numerous air quality standards. Exterior shade screens; ThermoVeil can be RF welded to mecjoshade a self-tape reinforcing edge.

U-Value performance may vary by seriies size and temperature. While there have been negative claims from time to time by fiberglass shadecloth manufacturers as to the strength of ThermoVeil polyester vs.

Today there are concerns about shadecloths which never existed a generation ago. The ThermoVeil sunscreen had only two out of five breaks for both warp and weft and was under substantial high-tension loads, e. Use motors rated at the same nominal speed for all shades in the same room. November 28th and December 5th, Introduction Three samples of vinyl coated fabric identified as MechoShade ThermoVeil for hospital drapery and shades application were submitted by a representative for MechoShade Systems for evaluation of resistance to bacterial and fungal microorganisms.

Use extruded aluminum shade roller tube of a diameter and wall thickness required to support shade fabric without excessive deflection. Reference the Solar Optical Properties Guides, starting on page 5.