Raw Comedy , Australia’s biggest open mic competition; Class Clowns , a national comedy competition for high school students; and Deadly Funny, an Indigenous comedy competition that celebrates the unique humour of Indigenous Australians. Its mostly on late too, 10 pm so have a little nap during the day. Melbourne Comedy Festival opens. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This late night show was reviewed in by Lisa: This Time With Alan Partridge. For more seasoned funny men and women, performing on home soil can be an opportunity to launch new shows, as Frank Woodley and Judith Lucy are this year.

This was a unique and special experience this year. Whatever she chooses to do next, I wish her all the happiness. Events in the Melbourne City Centre. This Time With Alan Partridge. Would she still quit comedy? A mixed bag, then, as such an eclectic line-up was probably always destined to be. Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival. It is side achingly hilarious, and face hurtingly joyous.

This late night show was reviewed in by Lisa: The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is back bigger than ever and the Squirrels are here to help you chose which shows to spend your money and time on.

I would marry him in a heartbeat if only he liked women. It is awarded by the MICF director, in consultation with other visiting festival directors.

Lorin Clarke, a Melbourne-based writer and director of comedy theatre, argues that shows self-produced by Australian comedians have great difficulty competing against melbournr featuring international comics which are produced by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Generating comedy from topics not inherently funny with his unmistakeable use of language, he also weaves some compelling, and often poignant arguments seamlessly into the show. Feztival my flash went off by mistake. A number of MICF shows have run prior to the festival and we have already reviewed some of these. Especially for the Squirrel writers, as most of us have full time jobs in the real world. Lisa reviewed her at the Melbourne Fringe: Would she still quit comedy? Raw ComedyAustralia’s biggest open mic competition; Class Clownsa national comedy competition for high school students; and Deadly Funny, an Indigenous comedy competition that celebrates the unique humour of Indigenous Australians.


The Sydney Morning Herald. We may even see a show that changes our list in the next few days, but this is what we have so far. Retrieved from ” https: Lessons with Luis — Kidney Kingdom Three daggy, naive characters executed perfectly. He balances his language perfectly with his subject matter to ensure that everything he says can be understood completely by virtually any audience.

View the entire Comedy Festival program at https: The Best Newcomer Award is presented to the festival’s best first-time performer as a part of its Emerging Talent Program. It promises live guests, people on screens, freshly-hewn satire, lies, puns and high-grade bullshit. Hosting these comedy festival specials, Marty Fields paid tribute to the pioneering, experimental spirit of early clubs such as the Last Laugh.

Bookings details are at https: Traditionally the festival would open on or around April Fool’s Day 1 Aprilthough it now generally begins in mid to late March and runs for roughly four weeks.

The live radio broadcast lasted for 2 hours and consisted of two very entertaining in-depth chats with performers who were often old friends of Craig. The Festival also produces three flagship development programs: Well all of those predictions have come to pass including a Helpmann Award along the way and Hannah is still going strong.

Find Live comedy Where? The last time Daniel performed here in it was with his astonishing, gorgeous, experimental play Polyphony.

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It has become known as the festival’s flagship event and typically sells out months in advance. Comedy with big soul.

Gig of the day Jessie Cave: All shows could use sexy diabolo. They are selling out. These terrifying characters by Thomas Jaspers, Kyle Minall and Scott Brennan will be more so in such close quarters and sure to be hilarious. The MICF plays host to hundreds of local and international artists; in the festival listed shows, 6, performances including free performances by 2, artists.


The best comedy is timeless, of course, as exemplified by the dry, offbeat one-liners of Goblet himself, the wonderfully deadpan creation of Jack Levi.

Retrieved 17 May Its always hard sorting out a shortlist of the best comedy shows. There have certainly been a few changes to this show, compared to his earlier work.

The winning team is chosen by audience applause. Established init takes place annually in Melbourne over four weeks, typically starting in March and running through to April. Arguments and philosophies that are cynical and heartfelt, logical and completely contradictory.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Actually 3 plays in one of his 3 shows. Paul Foot — Still Life Absurd, silly humour but a very fun show. Retrieved 1 February Retrieved 27 January Of course there are many, many more shows happening, so get to it. Great to see her tying her passions together to create an inspiring show. I was lucky enough to see it towards the end of the run, on a night when it all ran fesyival and it blew my mind.

Tommy Dassalo- Pipsqueak The little buddy that could! Twenty Years of Australian Comedy.

Daniel Kitson – Squirrel Comedy

In addition to over nightly shows which play during the festival there are a number of special one-off events. Slow Clap — Truth A great production from some very talented Melbournians.

Each year, the MICF ends its Melbourne run by recognising the most outstanding shows and performers with a linepu of awards.