I’m not saying Makenzie it’s normal for Makenzie to have been sucking her nini for 4 years, but a mom making fun of a 5 year old? Sucking the pacifier for 4 years obviously had an affect on her screwed up teeth, as she had a crooked underbite the flipper maker even needed to make a flipper for her bottom teeth. The young competitor was one of the best on the circuit and was a serial winner of competitions. Eden goes on stage to claim her prizes: However, her attitude definitely left something to be desired, and she was known to behave pretty poorly. She has tapped into her fanbase and has a huge online following across several social media platforms, updating her followers with pictures of her life and travels.

She continues to go to school and even wins awards thee too, winning Student of the Month! Now 12 years old, Alana seems so grown up from the toddler we knew her to be. Mia is a happy, smart, talented, and a beloved daughter. Mickie says she’d love to live here in Hollywood, bump Charlie Sheen off the airway and replace him Eden. Perhaps she enjoyed wearing the dresses but not the being paraded on stage as she has dreams of having her very own clothing line. The male judge liked Makenzie because she had more personality. The benefits of lemon water Jamie Lee – Feb 23, Mickie just recieved Eden’s dress and 80’s wear right before, which surprises me because I expected Mickie to inspect every little detail to make sure the outfit is flawless.

Ava has continued to enter beauty pageants, but now is a little older and wiser. Alexis likes to showcase her gymnastics skills on social media while she has also become involved with modeling and acting. Who could forget the delightful little girl with gorgeous red hair? Hi there, ok I just wanted to add that by far UR pagents seem like the best, especially with the 10k prize money, however I feel that Meaghen Jones always win, even a few years ago she was late to arrive at the pageant and anet he’ll the pagent up for and and guess what??


She competed on the show alongside her twin sister, and the two were just four years old at the time. Now that is REAL life, haha.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? It was clear to viewers that her mother had a favorite daughter, but it was Giavanna, it was Alycesaundra.

One of the most successful pageant contestants on Toddlers and Tiaras was undoubtedly Eden Wood. I am proud of her and blessed to call her my wife. She plays to the filming always. Makeup hacks that will change your life Assaf Biton – Feb 24, She also has her own YouTube channel where she makes videos answering fan questions and sharing makeup tips.

Her mom took her to have her spine adjusted as she thought it would give Alexis a better chance of taking home the tiara. Now 12 years old, Alana seems so grown up from the toddler we knew her to be. Pageantry is clearly something that Madison Berg is extremely passionate about as she still competes to this day, winning more and more titles as the apargo go by.

Isabella Barrett — Toddlers and Tiaras.

Less Than Reality: Guest Post: A Live Toddlers & Tiaras Experience

Following her time on the toddleds, Lacey-Mae continued entering beauty pageants but also turned her attention to doing good for others. She has been very successful in her pageants, and even won Little Miss South Carolina recently.

This sparked much controversy as lots of viewers thought it was inappropriate to dress up such a young girl in such a provocative outfit. Madison Berg — Toddlers and Tiaras. Her mom, Juana, is stunned and utterly speechless, still unsure if it means Makenzie will go home empty handed.

Phil and AP Life. Despite the controversy and negative attention that surrounded Isabella when she left Toddlers and Tiaras, this young girl has probably become the most successful girl from the cast.

Yea I think it’s riggedboth 10K prizes went to older more experienced contestants that I thought odd.

Toddlers and Tiara Girls: The Ultimate Showdown (Eden vs Makenzie)

I know Annette from way back and I assure you she is in it for the money. And, of course, like most of the girls who appeared on Toddlers and Tiaras, Savannah showed up with her very own pushy stage mom in tow.


In the adult division, one woman seemed to be more of a beginner. She has tapped into her fanbase and has a huge online following across several social media platforms, updating her followers with pictures of her life and travels. From an early age, SaLiz had dreams of being a big star toedlers as she grows up those dreams are still there.

February 23 at 3: Ever Rose Minor eventually left the world of beauty pageants behind, which should be a relief to the fans who worried about her on the show. She was tiarsa energetic, bubbly, and had a sassy attitude that made her addictive to watch. This is a very special post for Less Than Reality. Despite the negativity that surrounded her, she is a self-made millionaire at the tender age of Ava has big dreams of going into acting soon, so keep a look out for her in the future.

These days Savannah has all her adult teeth in place, and seems to be a pretty regular kid. Even after leaving the show, Madison Berg certainly did not leave the pageant world behind. Now a little older and more mature, Ava has continued to compete in beauty pageants.

What are the girls from Toddlers and Tiaras up to today?

Eden Wood — Toddlers and Tiaras. Sections of this page. The 18 yr old isn’t scored against the 5 yr old, and the 3 yr old isn’t scored against the 12 yr old. Decide for yourself, but here are a few things I saw.