Burning subtitles will require full video transcoding even when the original video format can be played natively by your device. Right-click on a video in Mezzmo and click Properties. I have tested this with my ps3 and android phone. Also other encoders can be used using shell script. How to quickly add new subtitles for a video into your Mezzmo library? In your case the database is causing an error, as is adding an inotify watch not reading the folders.

It is possible that someone was having a similar problem and there is an easy fix for it. Adjusting the tools requires advanced technical knowledge and is only recommended for users with expert knowledge of these tools and video subtitles. You should really consider playing videos with embedded subtitles first. If I open an untouched camera picture in photoshop, paste any image into, resize, or alter contrast, color Meanwhile I just googled and I found another media server running on Linux i. The decision about how to deliver this file. Try to add the subtitle file manually.

Johanz Johanz 74 3. On the Blu-ray, it shows all of the folders subtirles my pictures are stored and even gives me the option to search by camera but when I try to view the pictures or look into the folders, the folders are all empty. No, DLNA currently does not support subtitles per se. To delete transcoded video file: Database path not accessible! I have never tried accessing my media through a smart phone only my Blu-ray player and Windows computers.

Also other encoders can be used using shell script. Did it change the init script? I don’t use a gui, so the system runs really well, mind you all it is, is a minidlna server.


The subtitles items are not ordered properly on the timeline. If I open an untouched camera picture in photoshop, paste any image into, resize, or alter contrast, color Go to the Options dialog Subtitles page.

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Does minidlna not support it found mixed answers to this around the net? I had been using Minidlna for about a year with great success. HTTP connection from Support for displaying embedded subtitles varies between each device model from manufacturers.

All others are the names for the subtitle formats used by Mezzmo.

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The first one is that the TV supports the playing of the subtitles, in which case it will request the subtitles from the DLNA and display it usually, there’s a button on a tv remote to turn on the subtitles explicitly – on Sony there’s a button with four dots inside the square Is there possibility to play a movie with subtitles using DLNA server?

Sun, 17 Apr If it works with your player, leave a comment, and then we will work from that. Some of the HTTP traffic is also shown there. It doesn’t do on-the-fly-transcode.

Everything seems to work fine except two things: In case anyone else has this problem I have written this guide subtitlees hopefully take some of the pain out of installing forjat configuring an amazing program. That sounds reasonable and I’ll modify minidlna. Here is a sample of the errors I saw: It is free software by Gabest Copyright – http: Subtitles on all devices When your device does not support the subtitle format in the video, we add it to the video stream to allow you to view them anyway.


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DLNA is one of the lamest specifications I’ve seen so far. Encoding is not important for English language subtitles as the characters are always represented in the same way regardless of the Code Page.

Support for displaying subtitles on a device can be different depending on how you play the video. The video rate or frames per second FPS of a video may change if the original video is transcoded to another format. It is up to the device to recognize them properly. ninidlna

Click the Subtitle Settings button to change the language and the title of the embedded subtitle. You are getting permission problems which suggests that this is the case. Some people have had success with the command: Also, choosing another subtitle will require re-transcoding the video again. Mezzmo lets you check onscreen how Mezzmo is going to deliver subtitles for your device – even before playing the video:.

To save yourself a rescan for an individual file you can ‘touch’ the file from a terminal on the mlnidlna e. It is recommended to select the language for each subtitle track. I’m running Minidlna version 1.

If subtitles are not displayed properly on your devices, then it may be required to adjust the subtitle settings.