Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. On the plane ride home, we see Mari fully attending to Takumi. She also adds that Mrs. She truly enjoyed her stayed and the people she has met, especially Kin-chan. Sahoko then admits to Kotoko that she was going to refuse the arranged marriage meeting in the beginning since she thought it was too early to get married, but her grandfather talked her into meeting the potential husband and she never thought that anything following that would happen calling life strange. With the new season, there will be new characters, so hopefully we will get an interesting season. Kotoko-chan starts to worry and Irie-kun calms her down by kissing her.

Without further ado, lets begin! Okaa-san comes in and asking Kotoko-chan questions on her craving, her nausea, and her last menstrual cycle. Upon hearing that comment, the old Naoki starts to shine through as he says that going to a place like that is probably too much of a pain for them and that they should stay at their level. He also fakes everyone out by acting as though something was happening to him with his heart. Kotoko goes to start cleaning when her father stops her to have a talk. Naoki wonders what Kotoko is talking about and Kotoko reveals that she heard about their second kiss from Yuki, that being what the wedding present was, before planting a kiss on his lips.

You are commenting using your Elisode. Irie hears the door open as Naoki and Kotoko enter the room. I found that a little offputting and hard to take serious but maybe that is okay then it was more of a lighter drama than a really serious one. I know what you are thinking. However, they begin to follow him and say that Kotoko is probably already at the restaurant. It then starts to rain and instead of rushing to get home, he just stands there. The little boy excitedly thanks the doctor and Naoki thinks back to when Kotoko asked him if he was going to give epjsode his dream of being a doctor.


Irie to run out of the kitchen in tears. Kin-chan walks closer to Kotoko and repeats the statement about getting married to her as he takes out the doll that Kotoko wanted from his pocket and presents it before her. Irie is in the living room when Naoki returns home.

By continuing to use this website, you agree epksode their use. Naoki then approaches his father and apologizes for being selfish since him not marrying Sohoko will mean that the Chairman might take back his investment. Not that I really care about it but to me it just seemed like she had larger ears and I would think you would want to hide it?

Irie is taking pictures of Naoki, telling him not to be grumpy. The families finally realize that things are going to be seen through the end and Naoki, maybe…hopefully, realizes that there might not be a chance to turn back.

Irie and Naoki arrive at the venue and Mrs. Okaa-san comes in and asking Kotoko-chan questions on her craving, her nausea, and her last menstrual cycle. In his room, though, as Naoki is reading the papers, he finds himself spacing out about the thought of Kotoko being on a date and looks out the window.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I knew what I was getting into and what would happen and we managed to get there, with some difficulty, but we got there nonetheless.

mischievlus He adds that Kotoko is cheerful, though, has guts, and is a lovable girl. He asks if his parents are in bed and Kotoko nods her head. I did not the other guy in the Korean version very much but Kin-chan was not bad as a character. Anyway, this is the end and actually, if you discount the whole dragging that has happened the past couple of episodes, this is one of my favorite adaptations of this series.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sahoko then asks Recp if she could speak with her.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Nervously, she stands next to Irie-kun, who announces her as his wife, and she nervously greets the press.


Email required Address never made public. Catching up to her, Irie-kun and Kotoko-chan make up and try to enjoy their remaining honeymoon. Kotoko-chan starts to worry and Irie-kun calms her down by kissing her. Hold on, I have to pick up my heart which is a gooey mess on the floor.

Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo Episode 15

The Chairman asks about the wedding and Mr. She tells him she loves him and he comments saying that he knows more than enough. In Love in Tokyo I liked the main girl Kotoko most of recal time but I found it weird that in almost every episode she never had her hair cover her ears. She excuses herself in the end and goes home leaving Naoki standing there. Episode 3 Time has flown by as Kotoko and her friends start their last semester as undergraduate students. The mischisvous grow quiet before Kotoko asks her father if he would be happy if she married Kin-chan.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. She gets a knock at her door and quickly hides away the bear before her father comes in showing her information about their new house. loce

Even when he was supposed to be having a moment with Kotoko there was little warmth from him so it seems very farfetched that he even recapp to have anything to do with Kotoko, even at the end. At the Irie household, Mrs.

Fair warning though, have a box of tissues handy, you might need it.