Origins The Noeliste movement began on a well-known French video game site called jeuxvideo. But this is just the beginning! Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Noelisme Uploaded by Covetous. Don’t have an account? Posted in Movies Leave a comment Tags:

Quand Morsay rencontre Doctor This site uses cookies. The Noelistes decided to raid this video, commenting on the doubtful “quality” of the video and song. On the Bla-Bla ans forum teenagers from 15 to 18 years old , a user named Triplepatte translated started using one of the site’s many smilies. There were so many: French is a very simple language, no matter what foreigners say. If one thing, Morsay is a gifted catchphrases maker.

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Soon afterward a French variant of Leetspeak was developed based upon the use of the Santa-hat Smiley. This site uses cookies. Remember the urban legend about the seconds-lasting memory capacity of goldfish?

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Morsay film la vengeance Zehef

In the video, Morsay makes the mistake of calling out his haters, essentially “feeding the trolls. Thanks to our young suburbs geniuses, French is getting even simpler than that.

Placed at the end of a sentence, the Santa-hat smiley transforms the sentences’ meaning into irony, due to what many perceived as an ironic pairing of a malicious grin with a festive hat. This action has been covered by some other websites as well. Noelisme Uploaded by Zarmakuizz.

By using this site, you are agreeing by the site’s terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. On June 5ththe noelistes fklm the drawball website in an attempt to draw a giant santa hat-faced smiley on it, while some anonymous were trying to draw a pedobear.

Noelisme Uploaded by Tomberry. Press ‘i’ to view the image gallery’v’ to view the video galleryor ‘r’ to view a random entry. All of the things concerning that Drawball war itself can be read on the ED’s article dealing with glaere events. A Noeliste “political party” blog was created, which serves as a satire contributing to the inside jokes: If one thing, Morsay is a gifted catchphrases maker.


Following this virtual “war”, French internet media portrayed Noelistes in a negative light, accusing them of racism and cyberbullying. Noelisme is a controversial social ttuand within the French-speaking web responsible for a range of activities ranging from vigilante justice to cyber-bullying; it is sometimes seen as a Gwlere internet “gang”.

Firstly because it is incredibly funny. First on Drawball, the 8th of June, when they tried ve draw the 4chan ‘s 4-leafed clover, which eventually got overcome, a second time, by a drawing of the French flag:. Now, why should you watch this movie?

Sixth and lastly, because it is a very good way to improve your grasp on the contemporary French language.

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Like us on Facebook! Morsa “Internet war” between the “Noelistes” especially “Doctor Leon” who left his anonymous status by posting his video response and so-called gangsta Morsay was parodied in many videos:. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Don’t have an account? The plot is, as in countless other very bad movies, extremly simple even simplistic, but is is just my personal opinion: This page contains material that may be considered not safe for work. It had a precise use. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Origins The Noeliste movement began on a well-known French video game site called jeuxvideo. The main features of that brand new group was and still is to worship Chuck Norris as a God and to have forums war between them and the ones who used the “Happy” smiley: In February ofone member of the Noelisme hacked the front page of the US army website ve. The site has a unique, yet old-fashioned forum system that has been reused by some other French gaming websites.


The Noeliste movement began on a well-known French video game site called jeuxvideo. Because the Noelistes were quickly gaining attention from a mainstream media that did not fully understand them, many articles translated began to appear that raised questions about whether Noelisme was a sect, a religion, or a fascist group. There were so many: Morsay is certainly a decerebrate hater, but even if he is, there is a rather touching naivety in his film, well hidden under the exacerbated virility that oozes from it every pore.

The Drawball war lasted until the 13th of June with 3 other drawing attempts: In February ofan underground French rapper called Moha Morsay posted a video of one of his songs to Dailymotion:. For instance, there is no need to inverse the verb and the subject of your sentence when you ask a question. Since then, things have only become more complicated, the climax being the riots of Novemberthat lasted for as long as three weeks. And if he is not, then it is the most talented actor ever.

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