Take a look below! And the last one: How do you get all three Epics in mission 4 season 1 on Moshi Monsters? Click “Ok, that sounds fair. This will over heat the machine and then you will find a Moshling! Season 1 — Mission 2: How do you get all 3 epics on mission 2 season 2 of moshi monsters?

Before we go anywhere else, we need to grab a few things on the beach. Once we get to Strangeglove and his weird machine, he will flea. Rofl, however, says he can take her on. Click to go to Reception. You will also get the key card. Bleurgh Beach again Once back on the beach we need to look for a blue shell. Click on the lava to pick it up.

You point out that nobody has that much money, so she says that if you find her dentures, she will let you pass.

In this mini game we have to navigate our newly repaired submarine through glumps and mines. The Cloudy Cloth Clipper is gleaming! Pop Goes the Boo Boo! You will ask him to help you stop Strangeglove and he will say yes but you have to help him do a few things on the ship first!

Click on the oar to pick it up. A Spanner which is a wrench we are going to use to fix a submarine. Season 1 — Mission 5: To do this, wait for the boxing glove thing to be pointing at a barnacle and then click on the mouse. This might be useful later.


An Oar to paddle the boat we are going to use to get to the big pirate ship. You will also get the epivs card. Mision on the EPIC to pick it up. This site uses cookies. Find some clippers and use them to cut Zack’s hair from the bottom by dragging them from your inventory.

Then, click to hide behind objects to avoid getting hit by gloop. Once we have the compass, go back to the ship and talk to the captain.

Moshi Monsters Sandy Drain Shenanigans / Recap – TV Tropes

Where are the epics in Mission 2 Season 2 on Moshi Monsters? Frau Nau BrownKau points out that you’re not a celebrity or with Simon, then asks if you want a room.

Where are all of the epics in moshi monsters season 2 mission 5? She says she is Frau Nau BrownKau, the hotel monsterss She asks who you are but Simon Growl claims not to know you and leaves you to go to the pool. Use the globe to sail to the strange goo. Season 3 — Mission 3: The third epic is found in the mouth of the forth clam to get it he has to hear his brothers sing and put the beast to sleep. You will now be taken to the pirate ship to talk to the captain of the ship.


One is behind the manager. Season 2 — Mission 8: Strangeglove is still at large! The scene will scroll across until you see Fumble or a moshling very much like fumble asleep on a beach town.

Ok, so where can we get something hot to melt the ice. Drag the clippers onto him and he will get in. Once we have all of these items, place the oar on the little wooden boat and then click on the boar.

Do this until they are all gone. Where is the second epic in Mission 1 Series 2 on Moshi Monsters?

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Drag the boat back to Bleurgh Beach. The second epic can be found in the crow’snest. Use the same method to hack into Zack’s box, but mosh the number Season 2 — Mission 5: Back at reception, talk to Rofl. Scroll to the right and keep your eyes peeled. Click “Ok, that sounds fair. Misslon on the rowing boat to get back to the map, and then drag your ship left to Bleurgh Beach.