July 20th, at 9: EP March 31st, at 8: Then they added the food court and we ate at one potato two a lot! We moved there in And Six Flags Mall was always considered to be light-years ahead of it. If you go to the theater entrance, you can still walk around the mall. You could charge 50 dollars for admission, gun rental, and extra ammo. The JCP salon used to be the little coffee shop when I was little!

El Chico was on the right going in the same entrance. Worse, I learned the woman who owned it passed away shortly after her daughters closed the store for good. I used to love to go to the Six Flags mall. This was a great mall and I remember so many great times there. Their stores had a very distinctive look. Does anyone know what happend to the project? I worked at the JCP in , housewares and childrens!

I worked at the JCP inhousewares and childrens! If they trash Six Flags Mall and try to do something new with it — i fear it will fail also. Everyone was always so nice and it feels like home. Does anyone know what happend to the project? I was there about three years ago and most of the stores were occupied, but just about all the name brand stores were gone and very few people were in there shopping.

Little Angels Formal closed up shop.

Aix will not be published required. Turns out his buddy worked at the pizza place and he was just looking around. I can blame the industrial environment surrounding Six Flags Mall but the crime rate not so much. KK June 5th, at The Asians were especially prominent Mostly Vietnamese.


There was a small movie theater on one end of the parking lot with the bar next door which went through several incarnations, including Cheers. That General Cinemas was like many of the 3 and 4 screen theaters that were on mall property. This mall is dead, and will close eventually. You must now enter from one of the three outside entrances. Sean July 8th, at 6: I worked at Safari Bar and Pazzaz as a black jack dealer.

I only mvoie this mall twice within a few days of each other despite going to Six Flags Over Texas, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, etc.

I am one of the volunteers there and every now and then you will find all of our cars parked tinsetlown in back or up front as we have our work days or our own little personal parties.

November 11th, at I visited in and was taken aback by the mall.

I seem to remember that Revco took the place of Oshmans but I could be very mistaken on that one. They tinseltwon the forum mall and rebuilt a fresh new shopping center and it only has 1 tenant.

Cinemark Theaters

I have had so many memories and now it is disappearing. The neighborhood around Six Flags mall became occupied with some seedy businesses. It really supprised me how clean the mall was.


I went there alot in and had many good times, had alot of girlfriends back then. While apparently three people did show some interest tindeltown the mall, no one submitted a bid. They always looked like mushrooms to me.

Arlington, TX: Cinemark at Former Six Flags Mall Closes – The BigScreen Cinema Guide

Then a lot of those merchants moved in to Six Flags Mall and filled it up pretty good tinsseltown with mostly mom and pop shops. Until I found rumors of demolition, I was planning on getting a spot there for a recording studio for local acts including myself.

But it did go through a series of names over the years before finally closing for good. The mall is currently undergoing the continued renovations that are taking place.

Tinseltown Six Flags Mall Movie Times – Best Picture Of Flag

Sad that I never got to see this mall personally though Prangeway did, obviously. In looking over that list, I realize that a few of them have since gone out of business. They were around for a lot time and were the nicest people.

This mall has been on the auction block many times and I hope it stays. I used timess love to go to the Six Flags mall.