No, create an account now. Useful if the original value is wrong or missing. Sets the font encoding. This option may be useful if you are behind a router and want to forward the RTSP stream from the server to a specific client. Specifying -autosync 0, the default, will cause frame timing to be based entirely on audio delay measurements. ALSA mixer channel names followed by a number must be specified in the format, i. Set the startup volume in the mixer, either hardware or software if used with -softvol. Too high of value will cause noticeable skips at high scale amounts and an echo at low scale amounts.

If YUV colorspace is used see yuv suboption , special rules apply:. Rotates the image by 90 degrees and optionally flips it. Gives very good results concerning speed and output quality as interpolated picture processing is done in hardware. The following keys are only valid if you compiled with TV or DVB input support and will take precedence over the keys defined above. ALSA mixer channel names followed by a number must be specified in the format, i. Time in milliseconds to recognize two consecutive button presses as a double-click default: Sets the autoscale mode.

Does not work as a config-file option. Am I doing something wrong?

mplayer(1): movie player – Linux man page

It is something like arcade: How can I turn them off? This driver is highly hardware specific. Call glFinish before swapping buffers. Encode subtihles audio to AC-3 at runtime using libavcodec.

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Set an audio device. Use glxinfo or a similar tool to display the supported OpenGL extensions.

Specify peak video bitrate encoding in Mbps only useful for VBR encoding, default: Decreasing improves performance greatly. This needs to be clarified and documented thoroughly. Use in combination with -nosound and -vo null for benchmarking only the video codec.


It measures the overall maximum sound level and prints out that level when MPlayer exits. Set the step size of mixer volume changes in percent of the whole range default: Skip the proxy for IPv6 addresses. Some broken hardware players choke on SRT subtitle files with Unix line endings. Specify a VOBsub file to use for subtitles.

May not work with -vo directx and -vf crop combination.

You can get a colored negative of the image with this option. RedShadowwSep 3,in forum: Memory mapped areas contain a header:. Runs fine on mplayer ce though Only problem during installation was the WiiMC cIos…just got an error. Specify TV device default: Improves the headphone listening experience by making the sound similar to that from loudspeakers, allowing each ear to hear both channels and taking into account the distance difference and the head shadowing effect.

Since this is on by default, use -noborder to subtittles the standard window decorations.

mplayer(1) – Linux man page

This will improve the stereo or surround sound experience. Slow down or speed up playback by the factor given as parameter. Adjust the gamma of the video signal default: Try this option if you have display problems. Turns off xscreensaver at startup and turns it on again on exit default: Use this filter with caution since it can reduce the signal to noise ratio of the sound.

You can also write file-specific configuration files. This option tunes various properties of the TV capture module. Too high of value will cause noticeable skips at high scale amounts and an echo at low scale amounts. This feature creates distortion and should be considered a last resort. Return to nearest menu the order of preference is: Try hitting the v on your keyboard.


Noise gate filter similar to the comp audio filter. See -ac help for a full list of available codecs. Currently subtitles are grayscale so this value is equivalent to the intensity of the color. Since the filtered frame is supposed to be used as reference for decoding dependent frames this has a worse effect on quality than not doing deblocking on e. This will enable seeking in files where seeking was not possible.

A number from 1 best to 20 worst representing the JPEG encoding quality. Not compatible with the frequency parameter.

For best decoding quality use the same IDCT algorithm for decoding and encoding. Necessary to select the buttons in DVD menus. Threshold, which can be optionally specified from nothing 0 to everything default: May 3, at Show approximated frame count within current second. Control the output order for interlaced frames default: Always uses PBOs to transfer textures even if this involves an extra copy.

For the bsdbt driver you can provide both bktr and tuner device names separating them with a comma, tuner after bktr e. Would playback media at 1. Autorepeat is currently only supported by joysticks.

It will still be used for IPv4 connections. This filter is untested, maybe even unusable.