Halla is Syrian herself, studied science and sociology in Syria and Paris – Isa: Yukihiko Tsutsumi , J www. The works of several new talents to have made their debut since include: Twentieth Century Fox International – U. She said there is always such a predominance of males without thinking about it that she decided to bring balance. The trouble started with her wanting to leave home and live independently anyway.

With this stigma in a strict society like Japan, it’s quite difficult to lead a normal life: Halla is Syrian herself, studied science and sociology in Syria and Paris – Isa: She has also directed adapted works from other sources, including. When a local guy takes an interest in her, it is too close for comfort for our heroine. Filmmakers expected to present their world premieres in Toronto include: TF1 sold to Magnolia for U. It turns out she is pretty good at making snow cones.

A brand new festival has popped up the Twitchfilm radar this weekend. When her roommate Tamaki gets closer to Sota through music, Nasa discovers her contractual relationship with him cannot lead to something more, even if she wants it to. TrustNordisk Tiff Kids 0 out of 5. My focus was less on finding the greatest of films this year. And in other good news Jasper Sharp from Midnight Eye will also be coming to town from across the pond to be a part of the festival that weekend.

The vast bulk of Tiff’s has been announced and listed here, below. Ryuichi Honda, J www. We’ll be updating the lineup with the previous films announced, as well as updating links to specific films for more information on them in the coming days.

Personally, I am discovering that a new community has opened its arms to me and the films that are standing out most for me are by women and about women. The second and final batch of films were announced this weekend for the inaugural Shinsedai Cinema Festival happening here in Toronto between August 21st and 23rd. Hideo Sakaki Alien vs.

Twentieth Century Fox International – U.

Remstar Venus and Serena — U. Electric Button is closer to another genre of Japanese sex film called roman porno, which was similar to pink film but had a more literary, artistic bent and felt less formulaic than many pink films.


Masters — 0 — Could we say that women directors have not been around that long or shown such longevity as the men? HBO picked up No.

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The n best directors. Nakata is revisiting his roots with Ghost Theatre working titleinspired by his horror Ghost Actressmade before he filmed The Ring franchise, which kicked off a worldwide interest in J-horror. From April 15th to 19th, Frankfurt transforms into the center of the Japanese film world when the Nippon Connection opens its doors once again. My community, those women who have lost their mothers, is sharing a unique and profound rite of passage whose meaning continuously unfolds. Chicago — Put it in the books.

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When she returns to her homeland, she becomes an assassin, but her latest assignment is to kill her betrothed husband to be. Toshio LeeJ www. The film has been receiving offers even before footage is available, according to Nikkatsu reps. While Ghost Actress followed a vengeful spirit that drives a movie crew to insanity, Ghost Theatre is set in a haunted playhouse. Halla is Syrian herself, studied science and sociology in Syria and Paris – Isa: The muib Shinsedai [New Generation] Festival has just announced the first wave of titles playing this year here in Toronto.

The Match Factory Imogine — U. Canadian women, Helga StephensonDirector Emerita of the Toronto Film Festival, predecessor to Piers Handling ; Michele Maheux, Executive Director and COO of Tiff ever since I’ve known her which has been a long time; Linda Beath who headed United Artists srason I was beginning my career and who has since moved to Europe where she teaches at Eave European Audio Visual EntrepreneursKay Armitrage, programmer of the festival for 24 years and professor at University of Toronto, are all women to helped me envisage myself as a professional in the film business, and they are still as vibrant and active as when we met more than 25 years ago.

She has also directed adapted works from other sources, including. Stay tuned, too, for our own on the ground coverage of Tiff.

The second wave of titles are in red. After giving us a first look at the highlights of the largest festival for Japanese film worldwide, the official site has now been updated with the full program that includes more than feature and short films. The San Sebastian Film Festival is to programme a retrospective for its 63rd edition Sept titles New Japanese independent cinema Retrospective will focus on Japanese independent cinema from the past 15 years and includes Cannes favourite Naomi Kawase.


She decides to make a million yen and move out, go some place where no one knows her, find a job and work until make another million and repeat the process.

Suzuko first goes to a small seaside town and starts working at a concession stand. Then a look at some more of the Canadian talent here brings me to the Birks Diamonds celebration of seven Canadian women: Ryosuke HashiguchiJ herkine.

Sony Pictures ClassicsCanada: A young girl is abducted at a young age, and is raised by a nun who trains her in the martial arts.

Actresses Haruka Shimazaki and Rika Adachi head the cast of the film, which is currently in post-production. Click each individual title for more details. heorine

Exactly half of these filmmakers are women. Odd Man Out – Isa: TF1 sold to Magnolia for U. Tanada’s film mubu been described as a distinctly female perspective on the Japanese eeason of pinku eiga “pink film”which is a brand of soft-core sex film, but this isn’t quite accurate. Add to this the upcoming Sundance initiative on women directors that Keri Putnam is heading up more on that later!

The trouble started with her wanting to leave home and live independently anyway. This is a boy’s genre or a date-night genre for girls and boys with a plan for the night. Actors expected to attend include: Lina Wertmiller was a long time ago. Yes, there is copious sex in the film, but it isn’t as explicit or programmatic as in regular pinku eiga, the conventions of which usually demand five sex scenes per hour at roughly ten-to-fifteen minute intervals.

Liz Garbus Love, Marilyn.