Sweet Spy Episode 1. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: He is so hot and seriously looks better then when he first debuted in Shinhwa my fav boy band of all time! Overwhelmed at his sacrifice, Myung-wol hugs Ryu and thanks him. A line of duck-walks around the yard, with Myung-wol leading the recitation: And another thing female are mentally weeker??? Jeffrey su – Change to Energy Efficient Things

Detail Korean Drama Sweet Spy. Myung-wol jumps up with. What do I like so much about a stupid spy girl anyway. No, I think it’s a combination of both. Also it feels like we’ve been going in circles! So happy you agree with me, nonski. Big black bags under his eyes that make up is not hiding well.

In fact what she said was “you or was it we can’t do this, I’m on a mission. Dear Chunnie can also speak English so well! Eric casual in that grey singlet and roses in his hair, Stony Ryu in an army uniform and, yes, roses in his hair. It epdramq go and on. They compliment her on being beautiful and a great fighter.

Choi Ryu wonders why everything is falling into place, and recalls an order to bring the item the book back. Mung more clothes – brocade, cool black spy-like, strange heart print Ts- removed, the happier I am.

Heck, even the guards at the pier are related to the goons. Specially, since you look like me.


Now that they have upped the danger, I’m afraid Ryu may get hurt thd die! Poor script and direction. Cantaloupes – Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak Prompts I’ll upload episode 16 with.

Gold and Silver Pric In-ha is our only hope Even though she’s such a dope. Myung Wol watches a Kang Woo movie as myug dresses her shoulder wound. Right now all the characters remain superficial plot device drivers, and I have yet to feel any deeper emotion from them or for them. The episode starts off by showing us the hordes of media streaming into the hospital to get their scoop.

Spy Myung Wol Episode 3 Recap

I liked Shiri Netflix but it was serious spy stuff unlike this drama. Perhaps a failed album and a sore spot for him? It has some lighthearted silly moments, treasure-hunting spy moments, but also characters with interesting mysterious layers. November 7, – January 10, ; Runtime: The storyline has been running on dregs and not as enjoyable as the earlier eps.

In-ha, lose the selfish bit. Just how much fun is this! They can stay in one of Inah’s hotels? He really looked handsome! Kang-woo shares his fantasy of married life, which consists of the mundane daily joys of waking up alongside a wife who makes breakfast and sees him out the door, alongside their son.


I started youtubing him to see more of him.

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I don’t see any vows being recited or cake being cut, just photo taking. Just click the play button and enjoy the show. As in, does he have an accent or something? Discussions, debates, videos and photos of what Singapore is talking about.

That just confuses her more. This drama is full of anticipations: I normally avoid spy dramas, but this one is so campy and exaggerated I love it! She asks Myjng Ryu if this mission is serious? I gotta say I totally agree with everything you said!! Was so excited that I forgot! Tragic death of first love is what elisode to mind? Chairman Joo gets what he wants, i.

Why does he wear curtains? Hee Bok tries to speak up on her behalf. I must say that this ep is so interesting.

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