Need For Education In One’s Life And Its Evolution Over Time


Education plays a vital role in a person’s life. We begin learning just after we are born, we learn how to suck our mother’s milk, and we start communicating our needs by crying first, and learn many other things required by us.

Education is a medium that helps us to acquire new skills and provides us with a perspective of looking around the world with our own vision and learning how to think about a topic. We get to learn about the world, increase our knowledge, and acquire new skills that help us to sustain ourselves in society, make us independent, and provide us with the opportunity to know ourselves. Our education starts from our home, our mother and family members are our first teachers who taught us new lessons and corrected us on our mistakes.Education entails far more than this. Your education is not complete unless you can use what you’ve studied. Thus, education requires more than just acquiring facts and figures; it also entails being able to apply what you’ve learned in real-world situations.

Most of us get enrolled into a predefined education system meant for training and teaching individuals following certain criteria.

This education system existed even before the Vedic period and the sole purpose of education kept evolving with time.

Education during the Vedic period

During the Vedic period, the teachers teach the students in Ashrams and Gurukuls. The main aim of education was to develop high-thinking qualities to attain salvation.

role of Education

Education in the medieval period

In the medieval period, the emergence of ‘pathshala’ begins when all students can study except women. There were no textbooks or exams, learning were the core purpose which was taught orally.

Modern education

The modern education system is inspired by form European education system. The core purpose of this system is to provide us with the knowledge and skills required to make the students ready for their future. It has become a ladder to get a job.

Now, education is not just limited to schools and colleges, and the purpose of education is not just learning theoretical concepts, it has become more inclusive and emphasizes on the overall personality enhancement of a person. The inclusion of extra-circular activities and practical knowledge has enhanced the experience of learning

With the growing need for education in one’s life, access to learning has also increased. Through e-learning teachers and students can connect from miles apart and children with a lack of infrastructure can access to education at cheap prices.