Sorkin did his research for the series by observing several real-world cable news programs first-hand. Retrieved December 16, Stomotonovich asks Maggie to leave the room, as he was not told in advance she would be present and has not had her checked out. Remembering Maggie’s recollection of Daniel playing with her blonde hair, Rebecca curses as she realises that Maggie had cut it herself after having a flashback to that moment, something that would cast doubt on her mental state. Will considers writers for an all-access profile, Sloan is upset by the lack of coverage of the emerging debt-ceiling crisis , and Charlie learns the identity of NSA whistle-blower “Late for Dinner”. The staff is being interviewed by Rebecca Halliday and recount how they all failed to discover the Genoa story was false. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And Sloan finds her anonymous bidder. Don informs Sloan that he purchased stock prior to Sloan reporting it in a newscast. There, he learns that an elderly Tennessee resident will not be able to vote because of recently passed voter ID laws in 33 states; this is then the main story when he returns to News Night. Sloan and Don keep dodging the human resources rep, however he already knows they are dating and was merely amusing himself. Jim accidentally calls a race too early and spends the night watching it, hoping he will end up being correct. The final scene takes place in the early morning hours of November 6, Takes place between September 30 and October 3, Mac tells Rebecca, Will and Neal they have to run the story.

Maggie wants to do a story in Africa and pitches it to Mac. While the pilot was in development, the project was tentatively titled More as This Story Develops.

She admits that she was shaken by the incident, particularly as the bullet that killed Daniel would almost certainly have killed her had he not been on her back, but insists that she does not have Newsrlom.


Neal and Will meet Rebecca Halliday to discuss Neal’s legal situation and she confirms that he has committed espionage.

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Reviews by newscasters have been mixed as well. Will tells Mac that her request to be fired at the end of the election night show will be granted.

While covering the forced ejection of Egypt’s presidentthe team learns of a protest in Madison, Wisconsin, that is condemning the Governor’s plan to balance the budget to the detriment of teachers and other public sector union employees, leading everyone to try to cover the stories simultaneously.

Archived from the original on July 14, Will asks Mac to marry him and she newsoom yes. Aaron Sorkin takes on dangers of the Internet, citizen journalism”.

Though she quickly deletes it, other news sources pick it up and Charlie fires her. For the third season, see ” The Newsroom: Production began in the fall of Sloan fears that this is illegal and that their relationship may be against the ACN handbook. Sloan figures out that the company being taken over is AWM itself, and that they will be the victim of a hostile takeover by Reese’s two half-siblings.

Stomotonovich asks Maggie to leave the room, as he was not told in advance she would be present and has not had her checked out. Retrieved July 11, Leona decides to let Reese make the decision on whether to accept the resignations of Will, Charlie, and Mac. The third and final season received positive reviews.

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As fighting erupts in Syria and investigations into the killing of Trayvon Martin begin, Will receives a surprise phone call from his father. Retrieved September 6, Retrieved July 23, The opening scene at Northwestern takes place on March 30,the rest of the episode takes place on April 20, Neal returns from Venezuela and is disappointed at how the new team is running ACN Digital and tells them they are going to rebuild newsroo.


ACN airs the story on September 9, Will, informed that ACN has dropped to fourth in the ratings, suggests that he quit.

As coverage of Election Night continues, the staff has to decide on which breaking story to pursue. This sowow was last edited on 24 Februaryat Leona decides to let Reese decide.

Jim arranges for Maggie to be offered a field producer’s job in D.

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To Jim’s dismay Taylor Warren, the Romney campaign spokesperson, tags along. Rebecca Halliday interviews Maggie about the events of the past year, hoping to establish her credibility as a witness to an interview she conducted as part of Genoa.

After delivering a public speech on America’s shortcomings as a nation during a question and answer session at Northwestern Universityacclaimed Atlantis Cable News ACN anchor Will McAvoy Jeff Daniels returns to his job to find that most of his staff have left or are leaving, and that his new executive producer is his ex-girlfriend, MacKenzie McHale Emily Mortimer.

Neal asks his source to send two more documents, and teaches the source how to do it.

After the interview, the staff holds a second Red Newsdoom meeting, where Charlie Skinner says the story is still not ready to air. It neewsroom reported that Sorkin planned to replace most of the first season’s writers in the second season. Retrieved July 13, Mac and Will’s situation heads closer to the edge.

Tomei was replaced by Emily Mortimer in May The story is ready to air but Reese says they cannot run it.