They get a call from their son. They are more like friends, father and daughter, mother and son and good companions. Until , only the eldest brother was entitled to marry within the Namboothiri caste. This arrangement becomes convenient for both of them in the longer run and frequent quarrels become a part of their daily life. The plot, the characters, the structure of the novel, everything that goes into a novel were exposed very slowly as in a film, creating the much needed atmosphere and not letting the core story to deteriorate into tameness. The story ends with a note stating “Lead, let others to lead, Lead carefully”.

He feels the younger generation is very selfish and that includes his son too. Vincent Vattoli The main theme is about the arrival of fr. She reminds him that he had taken her to various places and offered her to a number of men to get things done. The story is narrated by a writer who lost his family and whose book is going to be released soon goes there along with his girlfriend , the editor and publisher. Awards and nominations Award Wins. Panicked Mamachan asked her to leave the house immediately promising to take care of all her needs from outside. After few years when Thankam met her brother he gave her a small package. Posted in Bouquet , Fahad Fazil Leave a comment.

Vishwanathan Yuvarani as Jayaprabha Teacher Arun. But Mayi is not ready to share him with Lalitha. George Kulakkatil Geevarghese George born is an Indian film director nioavilakku work in Malayalam film. Posted in BouquetFahad Fazil Leave a comment. Then comes an old lady who lost her entire family, befriended by 2 young army officers who decided to accompany her, and climad young upcoming cricketer who lost his lover, and finally the one who is responsible for the tragedy, the driver who is depressed and disturbed by a young girl who is after him.

He feels the younger generation is very selfish and that includes his son too. But eventually Nandhinee decides to separate Selvam and Archana to seek revenge on Archana’s mother Sivagami Vadivukkarasi for doubting her relationship with Selvam and insulting her in front of her neighbours.


These children could have been sired by anyone of them, she says. He could not take the pressure anymore. Oneday they get a call from Govindan saying that she had a fall and got admitted in the hospital.

Its focus is very deliberately women and young girls. Untilonly the eldest brother was entitled to marry within the Namboothiri caste. This is nilavilajku that made Alice to take the drastic step. Views Read Edit View history. Posted in Bouquet Leave a comment.

The film was released on 22 Marchreceiving rave reviews from critics and huge response from theatres. This portion was collectively shot by the participating directors and the cinematography was done by Prakash Kutty. He gives up his studies to educate his younger brother and sister. The director Adhithyan of the serial says, its the first time in the history of Malayalam television, a musical serial is conceived. nilvailakku

Returned home with disappointment. Vasanthi is a typical middle class working womanfinds it difficult to manage both house and carrier. The music is soulful nilavilakmu the songs make their way straight into your heart, as one original score after the other flares up and lights up the night sky. Not willing to go to doctor.

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Jayachandran The Songs are penned by Shri. Unni is very knowledgeable and he lives his life according to Vedic Principles. Meets a foreign couple who is touring Kerala.

Thankam wanted to continue her education but father was against and says he disowns her and only Unni will have to support her.

The story revolved around the lead character Selvam and showed how his good qualities, hard work and love for his wife Archana make him reach great heights.

This page was last edited on 1 Februaryat My Playlist Watch Later. We see the abandoned old woman stroking the poor kitten. Hers is a remarkably non-narrative style of narration. Each chapter as it was completed created an excitement about the development of the story. But nothing went right from day one. Adaminte Variyellu was also an Indian Panorama Selection for His actions nilavi,akku the senior priest and things take a serious turn after a while. She should at least be aware that the children are growing bigger, he tells her.


Namboothiri Spinsters remained abandoned in the community. Who is an Antharjanam? Tamil Nadu State Television Awards [4].

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Sankaran calls it The Last Supper. Dharmic principles are different. Sun TV television series Tamil-language television soap operas Tamil Nadu drama television series s Tamil-language television series Tamil-language television series debuts Tamil-language television programs Tamil-language television series endings.

Alice has few affairs, enjoy few drinks and cannot sleep with out sleeping pills. The next moment he died. Now every thing changes suddenly.

Nilavilakku serial climax

Praveena as young Thankam is just ni,avilakku. The serial had the highest Television Rating Point for Tamil serials. Mylapore Academy Award [1]. At one point of time, Selvam comes to know the true colors of Nandhinee and her intention behind separating Archana from him for nilavilqkku he quarrels with Nandhinee and in the process Nandhinee dies by falling from the terrace.

Another story talks about the sexton father Ouseppachan Who considers as mediator between Jesus and the common men. They meet the old priest and his niece Lahsmikutty, who is in wheelchair now. The younger sons were meant for inheriting the Vedic traditions from their ancestors and passing it on to their future generations the eldest brother also had a major role in preserving the Vedic tradition Apart from this, those younger brothers, who opted to marry within the caste were excommunicated Bhrastu from the family.

She walked out of the house for ever. He had been traveling in this route many times to se his wife who is working in another place.