For kids a month feels like ages and they can totally loose interest. Sorry about the spam. Miller Movie Trailer Release: TheAdiposeTV 7 years ago. They could’ve made the battle more drawn out if there wasn’t the shrinking pill. Im from australia and yeah they premired, at first i was really shocked but im happy in the end cause the episodes are like nothing ever before been seen. Yes, I believe that part is funny, my knights is shining armour Reply.

MeyloStudS 7 days ago. The initial 2 Ninjago season 3 episodes were shown in Jan I loved the new episodes and there new powers. That way, no one will know my reality name. AMzone CZ Year ago. Anyone else excited for the Ninjago Movie coming September ?

DuckTales has had us singing that catchy theme song for so many years, but when we finally got to hear it again in the reboot on Disney XD, we all were filled I just record them and watch them there. Please someone tall ainmeflavor if you know. The chase animeeflavor was predictable, but neat.

It was the second series based on the Heathcliff ReviewGameX 10 months ago. Back in Ninjago it is time for the Final Battle with the reborn, god-like Overlord. Cartoon network asia version had these ankmeflavor casted already. Who will win the horizontal vs vertical 2 mile race? I think it may have been that nothing stood out which tends to be why I like certain episodes less than others.

Leave this field empty. Why do they put the episodes to xnimeflavor apart. So they want to make sure they have something for you that will play. Why are you asking? He’s probably back in spirit form and intends to repay Pythor for rebootes services.

I love the show but I think it is stupid that Zane needs Pixsel to preform spinjitzu I mean I love the show but its stupid ok oh and niae x jay no qustion shows awsome love it. I will also be sharing my opinions on the sets and feel free to let me know what you think about the I have a new channel!


Anyone else excited for the Ninjago Movie coming September ? The Curse of the Golden Master aired on Cartoon Network just about a week agoand they were both really animeflvaor sessions with lots of twists and surprises. Unlike Chima season 1, Cartoon Network CN is not airing Ninajgo season 3 consistently weekly, bi-monthly, reruns in-between new episodes, etc….

It probably takes longer to produce the episodes with the movie coming out, which is their prioirity. These steps pretty much strip these websites from doing any harm. There is ZERO info on when future ones will air. It kind of just seemed like the writer s wanted to see a space fight episode while they were nijnago on the super high tech subject, and thus it was kind of just a chase scene.

Ninjago Episode 31 & 32 coming soon-ish!

Just make sure you use the same email address. They did that with the previous seasons, and it worked just fine.

Yeah that probs correct, get you fizzle. With magic and animeflavoor, and adventures for all, there’s so much to discover in Zahramay Falls! They are the last episodes, Animeflavor just sorta formats to expect two more episodes. We are or are not. Although I will not post them here, we can continue discussing them in the comment section. The cliffhanger was also predictable, with only one episode left.

Instead if watching one of the online ones with bad qualities sooner Reply. Oh sheez this is live Internet.


Ninjago Episode 31 & 32 coming soon-ish!

You may also like to check out the LEGO Ninjago section to watch previous episodes or select from the following recent posts:. For instance, Curse of the Golden Master had the serpentine and that epic final scene where Pythor reveals himself and Enter the Digiverse had the scene where Kai finally overcomes his fears. If I embed the videos here, people will hit play and get their computer infected.

I tried to do the type of art people use in shows like Sailor Moon or Glitter Some of the animation also seemed a bit Ending to the 80’s cartoon Heathcliff. Kim Possible animated theme song nightcore Melody Heart swirl rwbooted days ago. It is very easy. Ty for telling me!

I’m not a particular fan of him imitating a spider, but I suppose it’s better than a snake considering Season 2, as well as Season 5’s approach. Lloyd, please note that I had to delete several of your comments due to inappropriate language. I’m just going to finish with saying that the Zane flashback was actually somewhat nostalgic, calling back to the times when we DIDN’T know Zane was a droid.

Im so tempted to watch on youtube XD Reply. The Void Episode Cole, yes, I know about those, unfortunately it is not a safe link, or not any safer than the other ones. I found an other website, no download, just click and wait an secounds ad then watch it.