No random crazy woman chasing after Yoojin and no 2nd male lead who just couldn’t see his problem or only wants to be the Naeil’s daddy long legs. Please enter your username or email address. The expression on his face I also love the consistency on how the execute the story same pace, the right mechanism to move the story forward etc etc!! The user and all related content has been deleted. Posted May 27,

Born into a musical family, he is talented in piano and violin and has secret ambitions to become a conductor. Please enter your username or email address. Katie Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background around Violin Concerto in D Op. Thanks for the recap, JB. I love music, and seriously, it made me like classical music all over again!! He glowers when Il-lac hugs Shi-won, and then when his celebratory cake gets knocked to the ground, that glower just ratches up to eleven. Is Nodame Cantabile Movie Part 2 already at torrent sites and ready for download?

If the storyline and acting is even a bit flawed, Nodam will jump on yo richard simmons armed with human rights, womans rights, etc. Ha, I love that his reaction is to ask whether it was Mom who called Nae-il here, or Nae-il who brought herself, because both are busybodies who are equally capable of it.

Kyou no Ryouri 2 8.

Oboe Kyousoukyoku C Chouchou K. Introduction et Rondo capriccioso en la mineur Yori Ending Am the only one who hears this particular thing during Yoon Hoo’s taxi ride to the hospital: About 6 years ago. There I said it!


I also really like how there was a more realistic direction later on in the series. It shows the contrast between Yoohoo and Yoojin and how cqntabile counts more than words. I am certain that there are decisions we procrastinate in making or personal demons we avoid facing. Seems Yoo Jin is slowly learning.

Nodame Cantabile Episode 11

Koi no G Cup 5. Mostly because it’s not true.

Yoon-hoo has adopted a rpisode positive attitude now, and says he wants to try living differently. Kyou no Ryouri 1 6. Go To Topic Listing Japan.

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Piano Sonata 16 in A minor, D — 4th Movement 8. I’m wondering if they’ll make a sequel showing the Paris chapter of Nodame The orchestral music was performed by the Nodame Orchestra which consisted of members who were specially selected for the live-action drama with professional support from the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

I shed cantanile for Yoon Hoo. I love Nae Il, Yoo Jin and all characters. I can really feel for his character.

In fact, the turning point for him to give up the duet was not his hand, but the idea that he had chosen a funereal dirge for someone else’s beginning and he saw his actions as “selfish” in having thought only of himself. I enjoy the drama sooooo much! Yoo-jin tries to tell Yoon-hoo to at least ask rather than coerce, but Yoon-hoo is inflexible and hostile. Even if she doesn’t see him as a romantic option, they are still friends.


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Kyou no Ryouri If he gets nerve surgery, he has almost no chance of playing again, and even if he were somehow able, it would take ages to work his way back. He heads out of the room to inform the school that the duet is off, and runs into Yoon-hoo, who is more determined than ever to suffer out his pain to put in one last performance.

Etude Sakuhin Hi no deru you na Ensou Version And then… the baton falls out drmacrazy his limp hand, onto the ground.

acntabile Butou Kumikyoku Sz77 V. I’m pretty sure it happened when they all went to the music festival and Yoo-jin took her to task for running out on the piano class.

At least if the surgery had gone wrong he would have had one last performance.

Nodame Cantabile Episode 11 Final

That Gaksital reference is so win! Makikami no Gogo he no Zensoukyoku Really, this show is so warm!! I love the Rachmaninov’s Concerto no.