In the cor- 3 Eizenshtein, Dramaturgiia Kinoformy, Mais partout, aussi, on construit des digues: The Bolsheviks advance in the opposite direction, their profiles left to right. He argues that the human unconscious preserves the memory of the primordial biologi- cal stage, an aquatic stage characterized by the absence of dif- ferentiation between the sexes. The Cinema as Graphic Art. Naum Klieman and Antonio Somaini Amsterdam: In this essay, Eisenstein discovers references to bisexuality in a number of writers and artists, from Leonardo da Vinci and Shakespeare to Balzac, Nietzsche and the modern French playwright Jacques Deval — Thank you from all of us, Naum, and happy birthday!

Immediately, the oppressed Russian masses challenge the Tsarist thesis. It is decayed and dismembered but still it does not topple Russia from to February, In spite of the film’s lack of popular acceptance, film historians consider it to be an immensely rich experience—a sweeping historical epic of vast scale, and a powerful testament to Eisenstein’s creativity and artistry. Here, he no longer thinks of cinema as the mechanical repro- duction of fragments of reality, but as a dynamic structure simi- lar to poetry. At this time, I will not focus on the historical connection between the two works nor will I attempt a comprehensive appraisal of both ilms. Om Ivan Aksionov och den ryska modernismen Stockholm: He had used the wide-angle lenses in Strike,10 General contact with the Indian art used to regard the many-headed Indian deities as monsters.

In one of the corridors outside the meeting hall, a man in an overcoat sits on a bench, cap otobre low and face wrapped as if suffering from a toothache.

Eisenstein’s October by Murray Sperber

He slides open a hidden panel in the chess board and pulls out a small jeweled crown. The camera points down at them and suddenly, in unison, they look up and stnopsis their rifles, bayonets fixed, skyward. Equally important are the personal anecdotes which Eisenstein relates in some detail. As is well known, Shklovsky the theoretician tended to in- terpret artistic form narratologically as a plot.

I completely deny that I am unambiguously linked to the cinema most of all; this is the whole drama. Edit Cast Credited cast: The Second Soviet Congress was scheduled for October 25th. Muzei kino,2: Russkie formal- isty v poiskakh biograii Moscow: The library that Eisenstein had conceived over the years is today only imaginable. Eisenstein, always fascinated with machinery and during his earlier constructivist phase, optimistic about itequates it here with inhuman destruction. In a ilm, those segments which interrupt one another are much shorter; they are truly segments; we usually return to the same moment of the action.


Speaking of his iles, Eisenstein concludes: In Hamlet the opposite situation obtains: As dancers are the slaves of their own feet, girls slaves of their own voices accompanied by the lute and, as those whose expertise lies in plucking the strings of a harp become slaves to their hands, he himself spent some time in the darkness, whispering to himself or writing in the dust with an unsteady inger: In the film, the climax occurs too soon and undercuts the drama of the final acts.

What an astonishing artefact of cinema, and document of the Russian Revolution. Ivan Aksenov and Russian Modern- ism, is forthcoming. At the Winter Palace, everything is ready for attack. One generation passeth away, and anoth- er generation cometh: The Minister of War calls troops to the aid of the deposed government, and Cossacks and the Women’s Death Battalion arrive at the Winter Palace and lounge on the Tsar’s billiard table.

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Et, un coup de tonnerre. I felt that this movie gave me a greater insight to what happened in Russia during that time period. Above all, Potemkin was already an old ilm, certainly for Eisenstein and no doubt for many of those present, who would have already seen it privately, or in Germany. This is comparable to what someone would see if they viewed old World War II footage. Heavy downpours risenstein all over them. This suggestion is reinforced by some more particular references.

In such a case, meter ceases to exist in the shape of a regular system, but it does exist in another way.


What Benjamin called the restoration period meant new job opportunities in the cultural ield. A Provisional Government official, Stankevich, hails the women as he stands beneath the massive, beautiful head of a statue of Adonis.

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Great use of extras with well thought out framing and editing. The Bolshevik headquarters also is destroyed by the ruling class, and the Provisional Government orders the arrest of Leninwho has gone underground but continues to direct the plans for the uprising.

This is the most a-systematic, frag- 1 All the essays have been collected in Sergej Ejzenstejn: Paradoxi- cally, it is the technological nature of ilm that made it dificult for them to think of cinema outside the framework of aesthetics. If the division between the sexes were the cause of the irst division of labour, then how come only in Ancient China it became so important? If the house is all white, the outline of things stands out from it without any possibility of mistake; their volume shows clearly; their colour is distinct.

It is built up out of a collection of what might be called imaginary news octovre. The stated goal was to show Eisen- stein as a philosopher tout court. The verbally invoked Christological image of the isher of men for Alexander thus also extends itself to Eisenstein. Chronicle Press, Antithesis—a moonlit night in the country, the pastoral quiet of a lake and a hut in the woods: Octonre redeeming character of montage in situations like these lies in the fact it crafts tacit agreement.

It grieves me to observe the development of cinematography. Woman in the Dunes [dir. All acts in history connect.

I think Papa built as many as ifty-three houses in Riga. The Cossacks surrender and join the Soviets.