This content has been removed by a moderator. My Husband Got a Family. The mom smiles down at her and I think she gets that J is drunk. TS is still kneeling. He catches her and helps her steady herself. TS asks the mom to raise N.

Why did you come to meet me? Then OB came along and I find myself watching previous episodes again. G tells TB to accept a glass and pours TB a drink. She asks if he is wearing glasses. TH watches her go. He offers to drive and opens the car door for her. TS wakes up and sits in the darkness. GM says something I have no clue what the word is but the word sounds fun.

But episdoe, he seems to have something towards TH and he purposely wanted to date JE because he already should have sensed the relationship between TH and JE.

SY and TB get separate phone calls about the whereabouts of that old man. She quickly changes the subject and jokes he must have missed her and that is why he is out here and says how much she missed him. Also clean up this stuff in the back seat and throw away what needs to be thrown away — are you a pack rat to collect all this. TP shows up and says hi. The boss asks G if he knew SY. The movie office is on the 5th floor but we are using this as the animation office to prepare from here on.

SY is shocked to see TB standing there. Does anyone have any ideas why KJ did this?

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November 19, at She has a cut…Probably she got it when she got kidnapped T. She turns to get in the car, but TB stops her by holding onto her arm saying: G pinches her cheek saying she looks the same as always.


Prev 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 Next Page 31 of TB looks at SY smiling at G and drinks out of jealousy. TB gets out and watches her cry and gives her space. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cant you understand what I am saying?

When the mom turns to leave, she looks back and watches TP and Y high five each other. Did it find the contract? Her father is lost in the sea and her selfish stepmother leaves her after her father is bankrupt. It was an honor to meet you. TH gets a call from TP.

TP motions for TH to go after the dad. I think its little too fast for KJ to fall in love with Sbu. I know what you mean. TB drinks and hands the shot glass to G. Saw the preview for ep How could you live like this? November 12, at 9: You have to have done something properly as the first born to be the first born. In one word they are the royal btothers compared to us.

TS says he told the parents yesterday that he wants to brotherrs YJ and asked them to raise N. Discouraged by the situation, Ja-eun finds her father’s contract.

TB gets in the car and asks to go back to the office together. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Sign In Sign Up.

TB gives SY a warning look at first but then his mouth drops open when he sees her laughing like a school girl. She directs her attention at TS brotyers goes over to him. She says she will tell them and says the eldest son Hwang TS has a hidden son.


MS realizes N is there so she says …. When he brings the kid up — take this bag and take the kid and go out. You must have a lot of time leftover. After he is done they stare at each other. I was surprised cuz you said you were coming officer hwang since I could have gone over there. I will do what you want.

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Mom says to GM: Manila Bulletin via Yahoo! TP sort of emcees and draws the crowd and attention out in front of the store.

His subordinate replies that they are in the stages of buying land and that a nice piece had come up for sale recently so they are looking into it.

I know Taehee has his story of past heartbreak, but I kinda want to see him get some love pain for a while J is already inside the gate. He also caused this. When they get back eng,ish work, their boss is walking with the sunbae SY knows. For the time being I will pull you out of investigations, so help him out.

Plus Taehee’s sexy English cuts! Glad to meet you, I am KJ.