Available on Manga Store. Her little fantasy marriage with Luffy had me laughing. I usually have noscript block out most of that crap, it just doesn’t work on videos. Can’t wait for more Mihawk action on the next episode. Only interesting parts were the Iva Doflamingo convo and Croc getting owned by Joz. Really enjoyed the whole Luffy and Boa moment and yeah I have to agree with you topic creator, the ep animation really did take a nose dive.

One Piece – Episode Download animepremium. She has the Love Love fruit,not the Stone Stone fruit. Hancock’s marriage – the best filler ever in anime. She freaks out when he even looks at her. Available on Manga Store. But I also noticed, unless I am crazy, that there was shoujo-esque animation during the marriage day dream. It seems like it’s going to be a hard battle I felt that Boa’s part when a little bit too long The part where Luffy grabbed her, and when she saved Luffy and leaned back to look down upon Smoker:

Pretty terrible animation, and even worse pacing then usual. Loved Hancocks reaction to Luffy hugging her XD. Can’t wait for more Mihawk action on the next episode.

One piece episode animepremium,

Awesome Sig by Lailide. Although I didn’t find the whole situation with Iva and Kuma to be very interesting, I enjoyed seeing Crocodile kick some ass again.

Seriously, I thought Hancock was going to have an orgasm just from him hugging her so tightly.

I didn’t like that drawn out day dreaming hancock had kinda weird how she would picture it when she didn’t properly know what marriage was. Watch One Piece Episode. Only interesting parts were the Iva Doflamingo engglish and Croc getting owned by Joz. Went on a little too long considering there were more important things going on, but this is Hancock, so who cares? BBCode Top 5 anime of all time!

The Hancock and Ivanko parts were englis boring. I really loved the Hancock moments in this episode. Watch One Piece episode online with subs free.


But certainly her clip was a bit too long. One Subed Episode is available in High Definition. Hancock’s marriage – the best filler ever in anime. To be pidce, the Ivan-Kuma match up is pretty uninteresting considering there are so many people we rarely see here.

I would’ve preferred to see a little more smoker action since he is so badass, but it was okay, loved the Iva and Kuma exchange. They’ve had enough screentime in the past few arcs.

Really enjoyed the whole Luffy and Boa moment and yeah I have to agree with you topic creator, the ep animation really did take a nose dive.

Pretty crappy episode save for Mihawk’s entrance. I hope they weren’t Luffy’s. Watch online and download One Piece Episode anime in high quality. It takes too much time away from the action. One Piece anime info and recommendations. Animation and art work was horrible in this episode but i still loved it! One Piece Updates Downloads. And I’m going to say it again,but I really hate how they made Luffy so small.

One Piece Episode 469 Discussion

Lol, the Hancock moments were funny. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows the song that’s played during the last scenes when Mihawk and Luffy meet each other. Crappy animation everywhere, Galaxy Wink was horribly done, horrible pacing, Boa looks freakishly ugly, no explanation to that asspull of a key, and the “war” doesn’t look like a war; it looks more like a skirmish. Though here’s hoping next episode will get a much needed boost in it since the fights are just only getting starting and it will be a shame if they are all sub par.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Solve your own problems. One Shot One Kill! Dressrosa Episode Follow Crunchyroll. Situation dsespre des pirates de Barbe merci pour les episode les admins. Next eps gonna be exciting. Best school themed anime One Piece. I’m looking forward to more of his battle with Kuma. Also in the next episodes preview they showed someones hands being cut off.


Anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and Full Metal Alchemist mix comedy, action and drama to create extremely satisfying story lines that continue.

Even though they’ve never said exactly what it is, based on what he did to Bellamy back in Jaya and how he effortlessly cut off Oars Jr’s foot I’ve always assumed his devil fruit made him a string man giving him the ability to control people like puppets with the string and it’s fine enough to cut through things like a person’s leg. One Piece episode Once again One Eglish has delivered another awesome episode!

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One Piece Episode Online. She always pictures him as being so manly. Top 5 anime of all time! Various formats from p to p HD enlish even p. One Piece Episode Discussi Like others, I enjoyed the Luffy x Boa moments. There are so many powerful opponents on the battle field that Luffy, especially after being severely wounded at Impel down, doesn’t even seem like he stands a chance on his own.

A Guide to the One Piece! Only snimecrazy part was the animation reverted back to how it was during Amazon Lily. Uncharted golden abyss soundtrack download Download lagu joey mcintyre i cried Ebook Vivian Bhajans by pandit bhimsen joshi download Sgsii jb v