Exit the room by going right. The flames of destruction and sorrow burn bright, but it will take a complete sacrifice of Princess Zelda to light the flame of despair and resurrect Ganon to his former self. During this time your controls are reversed, so pushing left makes you go right, etc. She has password for you. Don’t 4get to rate it! Go talk with them, and if they have a secret they’ll ask you to do they a favor, then you’ll get their Secret. This file is for non-profit use only. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc.

Stand a little to the left and below the right-most Eye Thingy. She’ll move faster with it. Note that if you did not receive the previous upgrade from Tingle, you’ll only be upgraded to 50 Seeds. This password must be told to a specific individual on the completed game file of the opposing game in order to obtain new items and upgrades that are not obtainable in a non-linked game. Inside, you’ll find Vire from Holodrum. Choose Secrets from the menu or Game Link, but that will be discussed later and input the Secret that you received from Ages. Impa and her pet Bird will quickly run out of her house and she will start telling Link frantically that Zelda has been captured by the Great Moblin.

Your name will be Link and you will get Dimitri as your Animal Friend: I am Farore, Oracle of Secrets. Don’t be asking for Secrets if you’re not willing to accept the name attached. Fire downward to get Rupees 11 and In a linked version of Oracle of Ages or Oracle of SeasonsLink can tell “secrets” to Farore to get special items and upgrades.


Step on the switch to make a Chest appear. For visual representation, visit demajen’s site at to4s. Equip your Roc’s Feather for a boss fight.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – Password FAQ

Then walk around to the Pyramid Jewel. Forgot your username or password? The item in the very first line, and what Rings you are given as Secret rewards.

Retrieved from ” https: Head up, push the block that’s on the right of the group of two Pots down into the hole. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Use the Pegasus Seeds, then take out your Peashooter and angle it to the diagonally down and to the left. K Zora Secret Received: With the help of old friends, Link will have access to new items, including a legendary Sword of yore Warp to eastern Rolling Ridge.

B-5 Head down and jump over the large abyss with your Roc’s Cape.

Collect the Rupees then strike the Block with your Sword to make it disappear. You will retain the name you gave Link in Ages as well as the name you gave Bipin and Blossom’s baby. During this time your controls are reversed, so pf left makes you go right, etc. Recite the password that you were given in Holodrum to it.

Farore (Oracle)

The only difference is you’ll start a “Non-Linked Game” with 4 Hearts, allowing you to get a maximum of 16 Farors.


The Secret to Holodrum and the Secret to Labrynna is the first usable secret obtained in either game. Back upstairs, talk to the unconscious Zelda. Jump off the cliff, and enter the cave there. There is no need to ask us. To get xeasons upgrade in Holodrum, simply talk to Farore in the Maku Tree.

Fairy Password Received: But wait, there are no more Blue Statues! February 13, Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch! Hop back onto the Minecart.

This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Now from the other oracpe of the blocks, repel the ball up with the North Polarity onto the switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – Password FAQ

And this time, Target Carts is significantly harder. Clockshop Secret Received: At those times, come see me. All secrets that Link has obtained are recorded in Farore’s Memory. Head below the right switch and push all the blocks below it up.

Farore, Orakel der Geheimnisse. Appears after Level 2, or at least reachable after Level 2 Given to: Don’t 4get to rate it! Then head left through the newly opened door.