Roby85m 5 August at But I would like to suggest if you could keep the slide widget when scanning for BL titles. Kelly Nguyen 28 December at I have a side blog for that, to give a body to my madness ehm Yeah u are right! But please check first! Roby85m 10 March at My dear Kazu helloooo!

Roby85m 20 November at Thanks for ur support till now, but I hardly can think that u had to buy a new pc due my videos Many will NOT be available, in English or even online, and have been sourced from various websites. Im sorry if it sounds rude, but if any chance you still have the cd, may I? I just ask you to add me just coz I had no idea it was this possibility on Mangago Shadowy Kitty 16 September at

I’m uploading that one indeed! I don’t know who you are or what you are.

Roby85m 4 February at I know somebody else started it awhile ago but they didn’t finish it. Thanks for your request!

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Im sorry if it sounds rude, but if any chance you still have the cd, may I? Roby85m 28 April at Roby85m 22 May at Anonymous 5 March at Anonymous 5 September at K list, second page!


Right now, I dont think we can edit that project, so I dont really know how to help you finding it. Mik mik 29 May at I should have bought 20 pcs till now then I will look for it and share again and let u know!

[Drama CD] Otona Keikenchi (Yaoi) – ~In the dreamland~

Soon projects will be online all again! More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Roby85m 27 November at Anyway dont force urself too much to be here!

Just wondering where your Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla blcd go.? Yaoi-Senpai Nov 30, 4: Sorry for the late answer!

Cold Blood Kissy 5 April at Thanks for ur compliments! Thanks and nice surfing here! Anyway, I will not lie to u saying I will do it right cs But now I have a lot work in my job I tried to open it in the old blog but it has been terminated. No link is broken, just the setted as not downlodable!

Otona Keikenchi – video dailymotion

This manga – Escape Journey by Ogeretsu,tanaka have a beautiful and romance story. I mean it more like hey maybe only a user can see this problem from this pointer view or something. Fluffy Kitty 3 August at Here u can find all the projectes we worked on so far! I mean if u like school life tag Anyway I think that it will have one in the future! I might be confuse Tried to contact her but no reply till now! This one is a pretty long project! I hope I could explain well what I mean eng is not my first language!


Onodera Ritsu no Baai Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: But please be sure it has a drama CD!

♪♪♂♥♂ BOY LOVE DRAMA CDs ♂♥♂♪♪

Have a nice day!!!!! Hihi thank you for your hard work: I knew you would have not problems but before posting I wanted to ask Roby85m 20 November at If I could, id like to make a suggestion.

Anonymous 9 February at Sorry, as u may have noticed that project wasnt edited by me, the videomaker is SarahTsuda! Using the due respect anyone can write whatever they think here.

I will try to fix with her of possible!