But for how long? A Link to the Past [85]. Gale of Darkness, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Like us on Facebook! It’s amazing that you guys all wanted to watch this! October 8, — November 18, [Note 6]. We finally get access to multiple awaited mechanics that looked cool and were dangled before us! U Wii U – YouTube”.

Mario Party N64 – YouTube”. Pikmin 3 – Backtracking: How do I punch? His current LP is Xenoblade Chronicles. Return to the main Chuggaaconroy Funny Moments index here. Origin As mentioned in a few of his videos, Chuggaaconroy started LPing when his friend told him that he was funny, and should make videos. Middle of the 6!

Pikmin 2: How to defeat Emperor Bulblax in 5 seconds

As mentioned in a few of his videos, Chuggaaconroy started LPing when his friend epiosde him that he was funny, and should make videos. We finish up the Snagret Hole with a boss I really hate, just like every single other enemy in this game View All Related Entries. These poor creatures give absolute obedience and dedicate themselves to whatever cause you send them forth for.

This happened so often that Chugga decided to make the Misdreavous an official part of his team, giving it the nickname Affection Chuggaaconroy how often the enemy attacked it and created a counter for how many times the event occurred.



Kirby’s Return to Dreamland [60]. Pikmin – Part 8: Rosales-Birou is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. June 14, — February 24, April 7, — June 3, [Note 7]. We head back to the Twilight River, and find the remaining fruits left there!

Episode 17 – Sweet Pik Fortune Street [61] [Note 9].

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It happens sometimes and I don’t Sep 22, at Wii Party Wii – YouTube”. Super Best Friends Play.

Pikmin Day 1 Pnf Dr. Pikmin 3 – Backtracking: EarthBound – Episode 4: This was uploaded to help complete the Smash Bros Miiverse Fansite’s In episode 2 of his Pokemon Crystal LP, he found a Phanpy a Pokemon he wanted for his team right when he was about to cut the recording.

This is what happens if the Dolphin is completed, but not all of Olimar’s possessions are recovered. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Pikmin 3 chuggaaconroy

We return to the Valley of Repose one final time to wrap things up here for good! Unfortunately my capture card decided to not record sound, which is a bit annoying. Gale of Darkness [44]. Chuggaaconroy Uploaded by Twist.

Super Mario 64 DS [40]. This resulted in him screaming in a high pitched voice: While there are MANY others, these are some notable ones. Kirby’s Epic Yarn [37].


He has since produced 37 solo Let’s Plays, ppikmin his content has been cited as a family-friendly alternative to more vulgar Let’s Players, as well as being cited as one of the most influential. Return to the main Chuggaaconroy Funny Moments index here. Retrieved February 8, Whenever he does an impersonation of the President. Pikmin 2 – Episode 32 chuggaaconroy 7 years ago. Pikmin 2 – Episode 36 chuggaaconroy 7 years ago.

Pikmin 3 Ideas Photon Crusader 7 years ago.

At least this is the only guy in the chuggaaconroh mode of this game. Link’s Awakening DX [39]. Subscribe and click that little bell to get notifications every day when we upload our garbage it’s good Retrieved October 30, Hassle in the Castle chuggaaconroy Year ago.

Retrieved January 9, My nose is lucky 7. What a real trooper! Retrieved April 13, Retrieved November 25,