I’m a girl but i really really love Hani She wasn’t doing it out of any personal interest or passion for the field, so I continued to be disappointed in her, for still not valuing herself and having any independent aspirations apart from a man. Ha-ni sighs that her marriage certificate will never see the light of day at this rate, because a spot has to open up in the nursing program for her to even take the test, let alone pass it. There are seven episodes in total and each are about 10minutes long They focus on Seung-Jo and Han-Ni’s married life. Overall this series never went past tepid for me, because the conflicts never dug deep enough to really grip me. But it is nice that he got a consolation prize in the end.

But still its an awesome drama! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The setup is obviously an echo of Ha-ni and Seung-jo, but I like to think that younger bro learned a little something from watching his hyung. Truthfully, Ha-Re screen was much more refreshing. KHJ is so handsome I really wish there’s something more to the character. But college boys do that sort of thing. There are also English subs, which were created by Viki.

Nevertheless, I enjoy the show and I appreciate all the effort despite the low rating.

First off, I did read the manga as well as watched the Japanese drama before but those are like eons ago that I’ve totally forgotten until I watched this drama. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

This show may not be awesome but it kills me with dozens of cuteness. No dignity was left for her. A big thank you to those who suggested I watch WGM. There are so many messed-up people in the world, it is not hard to imagine that a couple like Ha Ni and Seung-jo exist out there somewhere; which is why this show made me heavy-sigh as much as I drmacrazy or laughed out loud.


Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

I am glad I can put this show behind me now. D Some comments say it’s similar to some show? Or maybe it grew gradually, but having a stalker follow me is definitely not the way to win my affections BTW love Seung Jo’s hair do! AB October 24, drmaacrazy 6: So I really liked Hae-ra in these last few episodes. You just don’t get to see much of what’s going on with the other party, his thinking, his character or his heart not enough anyway.

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Irie is admitted to the hospital, it’s up to Naoki to take over the company and decide whether or not he’ll give up his newfound dream to become a doctor. Btw, thank goodness KHJ’s acting has improved in this drama. I never plaful to watch this movie but my friends inspired me to watch it. We come back to Seung-jo and Ha-ni in the car, where Seung-jo finally declares out loud: Seung Jo had no ability to express emotional changes on his face so half the time I was wondering dramacray he was an actual robot dramacrzay not.

I love this drama!! Sometimes it begins to show but it’ll almost immediately make a degree turn. I just didn’t like the way the character playfuk portrayed. You can watch it at Dramacrazy. Overall this series never went past tepid for me, because the conflicts never dug deep enough to really grip me. Min-ah laments being left out of the dating loop. JSM really steals the show. I have this feeling even till the end of the drama.

Where can I watch the Bonus Playful Kiss episode in eng sub? ( baek sung jo’s diart too)?

Still, it was adorable, cute, with great chemistry and characters, and it never fails to make me squeal with fangirly delight. Full Episode S 1: Even slice-of-life stories are propelled by conflict, escalation, and resolution — the cornerstones of all stories since the beginning of time — but in so many episodes, I just felt like Playful Kiss was pushing chess pieces around the board without any strategy.


Does Morning Coffee Smell of Love? Living breathing girl, totally into you, and not in love with Baek Seung-jo! But this show is not for me. It took me awhile to watch this finale – the preposterousness of episode 15 kinda soured eramacrazy whole PK experience and solidified my sadly, low opinions in the end. You can also go to Epdrama. Love it Saturday, March 17, at I won’t say PK is my all time ksis drama but it is at least on dramacraz list.

Maybe if dramaxrazy show had gone on till 20 episodes it would have ended more smoothly. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more.

The end is nigh. I don’t think it’s bad. But saving the woman in the street changed that indeed, that set up was totally shoehorned in and gave me hope that Ha Ni will progress and start to do things for herself now.

Could anybody suggest me some good korean drama like PK?? Ok first of all I have to admit that the only reason I watched this drama was because many of my friends were constantly promoting it and telling me how “awesome” it was.

Kotoko feels threatened when a smart and beautiful woman sets her eyes on Irie. Saturday, November 20, at But the oral exam is a giant mess, compounded by the fact that the main interviewer is the same cranky episoee from her university entrance interview.

The lead actress was good too. I didn’t argue well I agreed with you. I really love it.