Seung Jo asks her what she does want as an ideal birthday celebration — Ha Ni says that she wants to receive roses from her husband, have dinner at a fancy restaurant, drink champagne, blow out candles on a birthday cake…… have some steamy boating. I don’t need declarations worthy of a Hollywood chick flick It won’t happen, at least in my opinion, but its a really funny idea. Ha Ni and Seung Jo have transcended that barrier. I also like BJG transformation. Eun Jo states that even if they move back in, he will NOT give up his room this time. Of his own volition.

Seung Jo takes this lesson to heart, even though you can tell his old robot self would have self-destructed in its pre-Ha Ni incarnation. Alas, he fails and resigns himself to his fate. So that I know that it’s you who replied!: And I love shipping, get me on to that ship now!! Episode 12 by LollyPip. On a personal note, I think she reflects my own personality and ways of thinking. I would like to see her have a talk with Joon Gu or something. At this very moment, an extremely pregnant lady stumbles down the lane and Seung Jo goes to assist her.

That night in bed, Ha Ni is tossing and turning, unable to rest. I may not post a lot but I visit your playground everyday from the day I discovered it. Gah, does everyone get to watch Cyrano Dating Agency but me? I am rooting for a PK Those who know Korean can apply for subtitling job This place is a place of fun and friends. But OHN gave hime dreamchallenges to make a better human being out of him. He forfeits the tennis rematch right there. He loves her a lot, no one could doubt it, but he doesn’t really listen to her.

D Many many thanks GF!! There was this one scene when he practically made JSM jump in fright coz he was like …waaaarrrgh!. I have to agree with JB here tho Nevertheless, the back-hugging scene eposode makes his redemption.


He played it cool, but it was nice to see him “stalking” HER when he realized she wasn’t stalking him anymore. Hopefully you guys can top answer. Our Man-Robot Seung-jo takes some big strides toward becoming a real boy, and this episode is chock-full of epieode moments that warm the cockles of my jaded heart and send Ha-ni to cloud nine.

Playful Kiss YT Episode 7 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Because the storyline continues after Kotoko and Irie get married. I really loved Hani and Seung-jo’s interactions in this episode. Seung Jo leans in to smell the roses, literally, ksis hands the bouquet back to his sunbae doctor. A burden, yes, but his and his only. Gotta go rewatch all kids and write up an essay about my love gecap PK. Tennis sunbae decides to schedule a doubles match, and pairs up Ha Ni and Seung Jo on a team.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I am enjoying so much KHJ’s interpretation of Irie. Seung Jo kkss bought Ha Ni a skirt as her present, and she clutches it in her hands.

But I guess this is why the ratings are low in that sense, because viewers love to watch drama plots that have climaxes and exciting plots and PK is obviously not one of them. He is hilarious, witty, smart, sweet, shy, honest, humble, hard worker, great singer, great dancer, good actor, and last but not least HOT!!!!!

I will not give way and back off for what is mine.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Thank you ockoala……you are the undisputed Queen. The guy came over to rub salt in his wounds, and challenged Seung Jo to another match after the training camp. I think Ha Ni saw it that’s why she repeated the “Thank You” word for him waiting to see the normal Duckie.


But everyone stares at them oddly as they walk into the cafeteria. Mom enthusiastically hugs Ji Soo and welcomes her back to Korea.

Playful Kiss Episode 7 recaps

But in this episode, I had no complaints. As she turns to leave, she runs into a guy and causes eecap ice-cream he is holding to smush into his suit jacket. I still remember the first time she met Hani and the gang, she put a weird face before wpisode going in into her car.

Ha-ni struggles with dinner prep, so she pouts at Seung-jo to help her. She switches from the right to the left, saying that the right arm is needed to do everything.

And I find this playfil in eps 9 so sweet. I really do want to see Seung-jo earn Ha Ni’s love, not just to have him appear and steal Duckie’s thunder.

Playful Kiss Episode 8 recap – rambling thoughts

The story is going really sweet and thoughtful and the chemistry is heart-tucking and it’s already ep So much footage was shot but never made it to air Playful Kiss Episode 8 recap thoughtsramble September 26th, Yep! What is up with Kim Hyun Joong’s hair? But in Ep 8, I liked the whole thing, and that’s the first time I’m kias to say that. Seung Jo reminds Ha Ni that they still have a few minutes until midnight, so its technically still her birthday.

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