Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 22 watch. On the way to a swim team party, Emily and Paige chase after a hooded figure after their car tires are slashed. The Liars go to Melissa’s apartment to search for her medical records while Spencer distracts her. Aria stabs someone with a screwdriver she finds in the box. She drives him home and leaves her car at the scene of the accident. Hanna also convinces Ashley to talk to Ted about hiring Jamie for the church restoration project.

She leaves upset with Paige. Wilden confronts Hanna and demands to know where his car and keys are. Caleb visits Mona and reads her the riot act. Retrieved January 24, Power Play Full Episode S 7: Watch Pretty Little Liars S1. Aria returns to Ezra’s apartment to find he has returned

But the girls know the police have identified that the body Spencer saw was not Toby.

Retrieved January 24, Retrieved February 18, Hey Spence, I have one more surprise for you. Retrieved January 27, Caleb tells Hanna that his mother was in a car accident in Montecito which was before revealed in a text by “A”.

Emily learns that Shana is also a swimmer, which Paige neglected to tell her. When she finds Malcolm at a carnival, Aria decides this is too much for her and tries to break up with Ezra.

Pretty Little Liars

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Aria rips out that page and keeps it. Pretty Little Liars Trailer Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend. Emily’s boss is making her work Jenna’s birthday party, despite her being a guest.

In one video, Maya says that she has to face her fears. Retrieved October 24, Mona reveals where her true allegiances lie. Spencer finds Toby and they both determine that they bodlocker joined the “A” Team to protect one another and end up reconciling.

Retrieved June 20, Jenna, who has openly revealed she can see again, walks over and hands them invites for her birthday party. Hanna dances with a masked figure she vodloccker to be Caleb, but eventually realizes it isn’t him – this person is later revealed to be Mona, who has evidently snuck out of Radley.

He says Toby left but never said where he was going. The casket is knocked over and 33 body bag covered in ice spills out. Paige comes out with a few stitches but doesn’t remember anything. While searching the cabin, Hanna finds a hidden door and inside, she determines voflocker Maya must have been staying in the secret room. Spencer visits Garrett in jail, who asks for her mom to be his lawyer, in return for information about Alison’s body and implies ‘A’ is not gone.


Enjoy your favorites films with Housemovie. Lyndon opens a closet revealing a bound Paige and tells Emily he is planning to kill Paige using the knife from Maya’s bag.

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Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Byron tells Aria that Meredith got the teaching job at Rosewood High. Someone plants a cow brain in Mona’s locker kept up with a knife. Aria confesses to Liam how deeply she’s involved with Ezra’s book. Holden tells Emily that he used to see Maya there. Maggie visits Ezra, making Aria uncomfortable. When Spencer explains, Toby becomes frustrated and leaves. Retrieved January 30, You can watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 online for free on this page by streaming.

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He thinks Hanna is guilty since her blood type matches the blood found on the anklet. Meanwhile, the ladies make a discovery about Mary and Mrs. We hear voices as the box Aria is trapped in is pushed towards the edge of the train. Bedlam Full Episode S 7: