The Japanese opening song is “OK” by Matsumoto. Mariah explains that Oddish is capable of finding Hoppip no matter what and recounts a story of it finding a Hoppip lost in a thunderstorm. Upon seeing the Hoppip, Meowth suggests stealing them and using them for a delivery service business, but Jessie and James dismiss that idea and suggest stealing them for the Boss. Ash’s Totodile falls in love with Azumarill but Totodile isn’t successful in confessing its feelings to Azumarill. Sure enough, a breeze arrives and sends two of the Hoppip soaring away, only to be caught by the fence. Ash then calls out Chikorita , while Jessie chooses Arbok. Just as the battle is about to commence, Oddish runs out into the middle of the scene, wanting to battle, much to the amusement of Jessie and James. To win, Ash and his Cyndaquil must undergo intense training if they’re to have any hope of beating Skarmory.

She explains that the two Hoppip belong to her along with five others, which she uses to predict the weather. Ash then calls out Chikorita , while Jessie chooses Arbok. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. To win, Ash and his Cyndaquil must undergo intense training if they’re to have any hope of beating Skarmory. When a town keeps getting attacked by a herd of Stantler, Brock thinks there is something awry.

An Ursaring attack forces Ash and his friends to team up with Team Rocket, members of each team being paired with members of pokmeon other; Misty ends up with James and Meowth, and Jessie ends up with Ash, Brock and Pikachu.

Mariah announces that such a breeze kourneys rates a two on the Hoppip Scale, as it was only strong enough to lift two Hoppip. Ash goes to get one and when he finds the rental place, he discovers the Hoothoot he can rent is a rowdy one.

Ai no Suteppu o!! Mariah announces her plans to do more research on the relationship between Hoppip behavior and the weather in order to help meteorologists to johhto long-range predictions.


Investigating a string of mysterious thefts, Ash and his friends discover a pack of Houndour, struggling to survive in the wild. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times.

J03 137 – Grin to Win

As the group chases after it, Team Rocket appears in their balloon, revealing that the tornado blew four of the Hoppip into it.

Arbok lunges for Chikorita but is stopped in its tracks by Chikorita’s Tackle. Ash and friends are eager to help, but will first have to convince the Mareep trainer to poiemon faith in herself. Heading to Violet City for the first gym, Ash and company meet Casey, a new trainer and baseball fan who eagerly challenges Ash to a battle.

Foul Weather Friends Japanese: Later, Heracross expresses his desire to come with Ash and thus Ash captures Heracross.

Heading towards Violet City, Ash and company see some Heracross. Trying to get it back, he gets arrested for interfering in the Quagsire Festival where the Quagsire take round things and send them upstream, where the last object to be returned gives good luck to its owner. He tells about how Heracross and Pinsir are at war due to something disturbing their tree sap flow. Japanese themes Opening OK!

The Hoppip’s trainer Mariah uses a group of Hoppip to help her forecast the weather. The legendary Gligarman is getting too old to fight crime.

As they speak, Oddish episodd up a section of the wire netting and jumps off, this time finding a softer landing in a pile of hay. Leading the group outside, she predicts that the wind will pick up because the Hoppip have all clustered together. Oddish later spots a third Hoppip floating in the breeze up ahead.

Pokemon Episodes: Pokemon-The Johto Journeys-Episode — Grin to Win!

173 broadcast Japan March 2, Meowth increases the power of the fan to hurricane-level speeds. Knowing Ash and company as the trainers who helped her sister in New Bark Town, Officer Jenny asks them for their help in solving some crimes that bear a resemblance to the crimes of the Black Arachnid, a figure who eight generations before had been known ojurneys being a legendary thief johti for Meowth that assisted him in his crimes.


Ash faces Miki, a young female trainer who possess an unbeatable Skarmory, a Steel-type bird. As Meowth once again suggests his Hoppip delivery scheme while Jessie suggests attaching pin-wheels to the Hoppip, the Hoppip Ash and his friends were pursuing appears before them and is captured by James.

One of the Hoppip is actually a little Oddish. Diamond and Pearl DP: She makes an alliance with Team Rocket, who agree to pokmeon her beat Ash They decide to find the owner of the Snubbull and return it, but when the Snubbull goes missing again, they have to get it. In such delicate matters, there’s no such thing as an overnight cure, or is there?

To win, Ash and his Cyndaquil must undergo intense training if they’re to have any hope of beating Skarmory. When the tornado strikes, it removes the roof, carrying Oddish, the Hoppip, and the desk away, though the others remain safe. Standing up against them, he finds it is an illusion made by one baby Stantler which is injured. Until We Meet Again!!

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