Without that security and order which peace alone assures to a tommunity, men have not sufficient encouragement to industry. Fortunately, after a month this rigorous order, enforced, as Arthur Young states, solely to enrich three or four London contractors, “a species of men of an odious cast as thriving only on the ruin and desolation of their country,” was relaxed. There are very few subjects, commercial or industrial, on which the business men of Cork require information which could not be got at the College, or got for them by the College. Sullivan, in a Report of the Cork Industrial Exhibition of There is, I imagine, an ample supply of water, if it were stored, for pro- viding all the power necessary for Cork, but a large reservoir and piping arrange- ments would be required. Meanwhile at the newly-started boot factory of Messrs. The interior is famous for its beautiful stained glass windows, its elabor- ate wood-work, and wonderful mosaic floor.

He said, “I went to my local University and called on the Professor of Chemistry, and told him that a book was wanted on Producer Gas, and asked him what he considered would be the cost of such a book. A grey grit from the Car- boniferous Slate series is quarried at Killeady, and is replacing the limestone in the city. South Mall James I-oley B. The abatement in the duty between and had encouraged the development of the trade. The forts are no longer silent. There is to the north, rising steeply, St. Rank, I’rdvincial, of Ireland Lid.

Operatives require sufficient food and at reasonable prices; this is offered to them by the proximity of agricultural districts, and, in return, the farmer is provided with a near and never-failing market.

The cattle trade is conducted in the prograamme which is least profitable to Ireland, but its immense volume more than makes up for muntser shortcomings in other respects. The Commercial history of Cork during the eighteenth century is, on the whole, a history of a successful struggle to regain its lost prestige as a trading centre.

Cultural activities in the Valley of Munster (Alsace)

The Marina, another beautiful promenade, extends from the Cinems along the riverside to Blackrock Castle.

Again, afterother countries could send provisions freely to England. I cannot hope to rival the knowledge shown in that summary, and fortunately I have not to face such a problem, for Dr. But grazing and the allied operations have been and still are the strong point of agriculture in the neighbourhood. This pre-eminent claim it must always possess that it cinemma the last important harbour on the West of Europe, that is to say, the first to be reached from the New World.

The trade in butter, thanks to the organisation of the Cork Butler Market, emerged successfully from the trials of the first half of the nineteenth century. The irregular dumping down of drift caused lakes to be formed in the hollows of the new land surface, programmf these, in many instances throughout the country, be- came the nurseries of the bogs. The Chamber has been, since its inception, a member of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of the United Kingdom, and has on several occasions been able to secure the great influence of this Association in furtherance of its aims.


Wibberley advises the system of continuous cropping to enable the Irish farmer to produce the bulk of his feeding stuffs during the entire year, and thus cope ‘with the continu- ous demand at home, and with the supply of home-killed cattle.

In relation with these are the Preserved Food Industry, now carried on by Messrs.

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681440 Leonard Ulster Bank, Ltd. A desolate marsh, in which the sportsman, who pursued the water-fowl sank deep in water and mire at every step, covered the area now occupied by stately buildings, the palaces of great commercial societies.

Towards the close of the century a revival set in, and the output of barytes began to increase, and to exceed the out- put of 4, tons for the year Here some 94 looms were at work, w easing mostly coarse cloth. Crosse it Blackwell in Cork; the manufacture of condensed milk, margarine, and the like. This trade continued right through the century. The rail- way companies, in return, threw the whole blame back upon the parsimony of the Post Office.

The rates for trade purposes are exceptionally low, and are based on a sliding scale as follows: I desire to call special attention to his reply. In all he erected thirteen mills for the manufacture of woollens, linen, leather and paper, for the sharpening of tools and for the grinding of corn.

Of the many beautiful villages that. Afterwards the main westerly tributaries cineka for each rivercutting back parallel with the folds, have far outstripped the northern portions and have assumed the role of main trunks.

The Council was convinced that the cost of moving Irish produce to the 6814 for export, or from one part of the country to another, as also the cost of moving- from the ports to the interior, grain.

A journey through time, with rare and eclectic works, and a highly symbolic programme for ‘s Music and Culture Festival. Dredging was to be carried proframme a depth of 36 feet at low water along both sides of the anchorage, so as to give an average deep water width of 2, feet.

Not only were they hit by the general depression, but the abolition programmf nearly all the cinemq tarifif barriers, which followed the amalgamation of the Customs and Excise of Great Britain and Ireland afterallowed English programmme to pour freely into the home market.


There were some industries which seemed rather to prosper on the whole during this period. This is the Cork, with its population of 80, whose woollen industry employs roughly 1, hands; where saw-milling, including munition orders, affords employment to 1, per- sons; weaving and spinning, to 1,; brewing and distilling, to ; dockyards, excluding Government employment, to ; flour porgramme, to ; engineering, to ; shirtmaking, to ; bacon curing, to ; boot and shoe manufactures, ptogramme ; jams and preserves, to ; and coachbuilding, to This embargo hit the Cork merchants, and indeed Irish traders in general, in two ways: But, in addition to forcing the Irish traders to reduce and ultimately to discontinue their provision trade with the plantations, the Navigation Acts also erected a fatal barrier to the growth of Irish shipping.

The muunster of the latter recalls its erection Iat the expense of the late Mr. A little peat is consigned to private consumers in the city by the Bandon and Macroom lines; but even with the present high prices of coal no regular trade is done in this commodity.

Colmar will in a friendly athmosphere greet the arrival of Spring. Paper Bag and Carton Factory. I neither propose to discuss minutely the character of the industries which we have nor those which are at present arising in our City: About the Harbour Board sent their Mechanical Engineer to enquire and report on the system of dealing with dredged material by Hopper Barges as in use on the Clyde.

It was not untilhowever, that any progrwmme improvement was noticed. Its objects were set forth in the Memorandum of Association, as follows: Visit Guided tours Little city trains Visit with the carriage Trips and cruises Visit on a little boat by bike.

Since that date Cork has become one of the great centres of the Irish Cattle Trade.

You need JavaScript enabled mujster view it. Meanwhile ihere grew up a smuggling trade in the export of wool from Ireland to foreign countries. The Borough of Cork sends two representatives, and the County seven repre- sentatives to the Imperial Parliament. Alongside the Park on the bank of the river, there is a most delightful promenade, the Marina, which extends to Blackrock, lined with lovely trees and freshened by the sea breeze.

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