We’ve been arranging a batch of USV 14 fans to Europe already. It looks like its gonna cover 4 slots and it’s gonna be heavy with 2 fans installed. Our website is supported by our sponsors with advertisements that use Javascript to rotate the banners. Using the MK, we were able to drop the load temp of our test Radeon HD from 60 plus degree to an amazing 40 plus degree. And the indentations you see along the outer edge of the fins are where the mounting brackets for the fans will sit. Nickel plated aluminum dual radiators.

The new fans look fantastic! I think these are a fantastic idea! The MK as you will see soon enough does keep the basic styling, but with the new design comes advantages to the maximum thermal capabilities, the types of fans you can install, and the ability to take up some of that room afforded in the larger cases on the market, and the MK is the largest GPU cooler I have ever used. This doesn’t add much to the the height of the cooler after it has been mounted. By joyescape Started April 26, Please also offer us with your contact phone number for EMS express mail shipping use. A company whether small or large that tends to put a lot into the products they bring to market. The cooler along measures

SonDa5Jan 28, That looks quite useful actually, need to find one in the uk but good spot!

Prolimatech MK-26 Video Card Cooler Review

My bends like mad when the fans are attached and I have to hold the board artificially upwards a little in order not to get black screens and various restarts. Yellow indicates where the half height RAM heatsink A is to be placed otherwise heatsinks would touch the heatpipes and blue for placement of full height RAM heatsink B.

Your name or email address: Six 6mm nickel plated sintered metal copper pipes.


This blowers are pretty thin at 15mm. We’ve been arranging a batch of USV 14 fans to Europe already. I am VERY impressed with them and will deffo use nk-26 products in the future as their customer service is excellent!

Posted October 27, By breckjensen Started October 27, Feb 25, I cannot really wait a month to be honest as i am too prolimatechh about the weight of the heatsink so I am going to take off the prolimatech mk and go back to the stock cooling until i can get some lighter weight fans, i think its too heavy. Jan 29, Please see the attached flyer of the USV 14 fan clip.

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I did get the fans. The fans themselves are fantastic from a volume and blxck point of view. In order to install these fans on this cooler you will need the require hardware also provided by Prolimatech.

The cooler along measures Industrial leading design and style. So, you should pay the same lrolimatech for a reference designed card. Most non-ref boards use cheap parts, some are borderline crap or just plain crap, with a nice cooler. The worlds first flying dedicated GPU!

Advice Please. Is this Prolimatech mk-26 on 7970 With Mod Safe?

The company did not release pricing or availability details. Jan 23, 1.

Waste more money on an after marker triple slot cooler, void your warranty, risk damaging the card and enjoy the same experience. Here is the response back from Prolimatech, i must say the new fans they are recomending have very good specs.

Primarily cooling is what they are known for, even memory cooling, its own thermal compound, various accessories including prllimatech fan mounts, and as it applies to this review, they do tend to video card cooling as well. Plain background without much description on it, picture of the product along with its name, Prolimatech kept their packaging plain and simple as usual.


By joyescape Started April 26, SonDa5Jan 23, I am very impressed with the fans though, they are much quieter than my blaxk noctua fans and produce much better temperatures, especially on the CPU heatsink BUT it is hard to compare as the noctua fans were mm and these are mm.

What i dont understand is, the USV14 fan has tedt just been released, what fans did you test the mk with initially as the heatsink has been out for quite a while now and on the website there is no mention of using light weight fans?

Review Categories Computer Case Reviews. What an ignorant thing to say. Amp Input Power 2. Mounting images When it comes to installation manual of component it tends to only show images and not much wording mo-26 most of the times the images are enough to show the general process in which to install it.

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The MK also includes the excellent performance PK-3 thermal compound and a special Y-split connector that allows two fans to be powered by the VGA board. Again these coolers make CF an issue due to the space requirements, this looks like a 3-slot design versus the 4-slot design if you choose the MK That looks kick ass but unsafe.

Anyway, the card really sags so i have used some Tieclips to hold the card up, it doesnt sag as much but am i putting pressure on anywhere else instead?