So we are not sure what David’s mindset is when he first speaks to the Engineer. Then they all stand up, the Engineer strokes his chair and snaps. General Queries Submit News. Thaddeus Howze Thaddeus Howze 6 9. In 2 Minutes Tag: I would also have to credit this Engineer with some degree of forethought. My suspicion is David asked exactly what he was told by Weyland.

Mankind has started to mimic it’s creators, mankind has even created David so they’ve become a creator as well. I’ve seen an interview with Ridley Scott and he answered this question. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ridley Scott is big on ambiguity and mystery, and there was a fair bit of both in his recent Alien non-prequel Prometheus. This confirms his fear and decides to deploy the weapon of best result against a genetic foe. The reason for this is unanswered but the Engineer at the end seems to act more militantly, he can even fly the ship and plots a course for Earth. And that’s the beauty of StackExchange — people who know answers can share their knowledge with those who don’t.

Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Tag: Courtesy of Prometheus’ linguist teacher Dr. Top 10 Horror Movies Tag: So the Engineer pats Spwaks on the head much like a master patting his dog. Weyland represents greed, death and weakness.

He is not concerned with the question or promtheus answer. Here’s the translation of what David asked the Prometheus Engineer. However, given the purported intelligence of the Engineers, and a time-table of their last visit approximately 2, years ago, during a very warlike period on Earth once he saw how violent, humanity had remained, he realized he would have to complete his mission.

Full conversation between Engineer and David

Why wouldn’t David say what he had been asked to? In an interview revealed at Total Film with Dr. In the scene where David orometheus Peter Weyland Guy Pearce to see the Engineer, David speaks the Engineer’s ancient language, asking a question that is not subtitled. The engineer suspected this because David was clearly the only member of his group who could speak with the engineer.


Turns engineed David was following orders. Top 10 Marvel Movies Tag: The film’s real life linguistics consultant Dr. I would also have to credit engkneer Engineer with some degree of forethought. It’s also explained earlier in the film that the reason the Engineers ship has breathable air is because it was terraforming the planet. My suspicion is David asked exactly what he was told by Weyland.

The race we see in the beginning and the end are the same. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. In 2 Minutes Tag: So there we have promethdus. It simply means my answer begins with the caveat: It is now later. By using our subtitlees, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The engineer sees David speak to him in is native speech.

First David tells him that they have come just like he ask; before the dude can even finish barfing over the side of his bed. El Rufio El Rufio 39 1.

Before the crew enters the chamber to awaken the Engineer, Elizabeth asks David why the Engineers would want to destroy Earth.

They all seem to focus on the answer from a genetic not synthic point of view. David’s experience of humanity soured him on meeting the Engineers and even though he was intellectually curious about their technology, he showed no real interest in the Engineers, themselves, likely considering them as potentially dangerous as he considered engiheer.

Find Out What David Said to the Engineer in PROMETHEUS

There is no evidence that David ever disobeys Weyland. TV This Week Tag: Fan splices together Prometheus and Alien: Boy, I love this forum. In stasis sequel to Alien: I think it was Holloway that asked David if he could read them, to which he replied “yes”, and that was pretty much the end of it with David saying nothing else. The Engineer sees his creation “mankind” in its raw form.


The engineer is in stasis and is woken up by small humanoids from earth I think it is fair to say the engineers would know more about us then we do about them.

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I think it more like the engineer is seeing the very thing its people fear right in front of it. Queen7 on Oct 30, Cden Cden 37 1.

It’s not actually answered except it is a “why”. He did not appear to have any issues with completing his mission, so his belief in the necessity was apparent in his actions. Jun 16 ’12 at Jun 22 ’12 at 1: Skip to main content. I don’t think earth would be a one off project, I’m sure that this is a bigger problem for the engineers then we see in the prologue. Lie on Nov 03, Evidence includes the soft touch the engineer originally gives David — basically the engineer was thinking “there’s something unusual about this one.