Arti tries to feed yash, but yash throws it away, in anger, shocking arti. Radha asks what is he searching for. Pari says that she herself is so tensed, and she doesnt feel like taking her help. Arti hugs radha, and breaks down, while radha asks her to compose herself, saying that she understands that yash is angry at her, but he cant be for long. The inspector asks what work she asked them to do. Vidhi goes to her and hugs her.. Finally, he came to stop the punar vivaah of his Yashoda maa.. As pari comes, arti thinkss that god is testing her patience, by giving her false hopes time and again.

Akash also beats them… They all gang up against Akash and beat him hard… They beat Akash bad and throw him down … Akash holds back a stone.. They finally get into an embrace, and together marvel at the baby. Radha asks him not to worry, as yash and arti would get him home. He asks the nurse to cancel the appointment. Ishita tries to hold Akash and says.. She is very sad.

I never watch serials, but this serial’s concept and story is interesting. Please director saab make it interesting by letting yash and aarti play more roles. We dont want them to take wrong step like Radha maa.

Punarvivah 9th April Zee TV – Tv Serials Episode

As she goes, yash has a smile on his face. She takes the hankey and crushes it under her feet. We are with you Yash bhaiya. Ishita enters the kitchen, where their maid is working. I dnt need that. Radha asks her not to get angry like this, and asks her to compose herself.


She takes ayu in the crib, all the while explaining it to him, that nothing would happen to yash. But ishita insists her to go, saying that she would attend to palak.

While ishita is running with the baby, draped in a shawl, she looks around and sensing the commotion she feels that everyone knows about the baby missing.

Let me go… Let me 2th. Hope yash and aarthi straightforward about the truth. Radh asks him to wait till that time comes. Akash falls prey to their trap. She sees the bucket full of soapy water.

Arti says that ayu is her child, and she would go after the kidnappers, to find out about her child. She asks ishita to stay away from Ishita tries to make an excuse, but vivaah says that she doesnt want waatch listen to her lies, as she doesnt know what her intentions are with the baby.

So sweet how aarthi handle that robber and venting her husband for stealing wallet. Prateik says that they wont go, and if she wantgs icecream, then they would send to her room.

Radha maa has healed her. Pratik might come to the rescue?? As buaji turns around, she breaks a few more.

oline The caretaker begins to explain everything and the requirements needed. She thinks that she would have to send ayu away from the orphanage. Bua tells Shobha that Aarti is characterless and Yash is a saint … and there both Aarti-Yash r arrested together for being proved as characterless in Cafe Delight …I guess this is first time I m seeing a lead heroine hv a smile on her face and looking all delighted because she got arrested with a common handcuff along with her husband …It was enough for her to understand that both r destined to b together.


The whole family gets pujar the car.

vivwh Arti, while holding the baby, thanks yash for being with her, and supporting her. Radha says that its good that the kids want her only, but when the newest member comes, she would find it hard to manage 4 kids.

Ishita gets up but Akash scolds her and makes her sit back. She finally gets an idea, seeing the stove and the 20013 kept aside. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him.

Punar Vivah Written Updates

Those women turn her around and bully her. One person gets up and says. Akash leaves for getting a family photo to put in the empty frame lying in his room. Papa S and radha get up. We are all with you… So say Pandit ji, how will u get Bauji married.

Punarvivah 24th April Zee TV – India Tv Serials Episode

He gets tea for all three. Ishita thinks that now the situiation has been much simplified, as now whatever happenes to ayu, would be blamed on pari, and she, though having an apt answer always, would be speechles this time.

While arti is distraught, as to who could have done this, and what enemity he had with ayu, yash extends his hand for comforting her, but refrains from doing so, reminded of ayu.