Team Stax finds the remains of Ky’s fathers’ ship. The young team managed to send out a distress signal to Team Stax. The Hook Up by foreverlonely67 reviews I believe that it’s about time Ky and Maya hook up so follow them as they go through the journey to get together. Meanwhile, Ky and Ekayon step inside the cave… and find themselves face-to-face with a prism “guardian” creature. Searching for him leads Maya and her friends into danger, especially when they are captured by Lokar. T – English – Humor – Chapters:

What happens when a new E-Teen team comes into the picture? Team Stax travels back to Kieran’s Castle. You will see him more at the end of the series. Dare time-let the torture begin! Contains much more than just redakai. Meanwhile Team Stax meets Aldo in a village that is made in treetops.

Ky and Maya must save Boomer, as well as Team Imperiaz members, before a volcano erupts, destroying not only a mask containing Kairu energy, but also the island they are all on. Discovering Maya has gone to Lokar, Ky and Boomer goes after her and sneaks into Lokar’s base but got discovered when Boomer shouts to Maya, causing Lokar to summon the Imperiez.

Team Imperiaz discover where Lokar has hidden their parents.

Redakai Season 2: Episode 7: Part 2 (Polish) |

She decides epusode not use shadow Kairu again after seeing what it did to her during the battle with Lokar. They discover not only their friend Ekayon but also harmful influences of Dark Kairu.

Zair is still missing.

Then, the Hiverax arrive and challenges them but the Kys fight against each other instead. Ky, Maya and Boomer find themselves up against their most formidable foes yet K – English – Adventure – Chapters: Lokar takes on Baoddai’s monster Palladium, a monster so esason it is only used in extreme circumstances.

Redakai Season 2: Episode 7: Part 2 (Polish)

The Hook Up by foreverlonely67 reviews I believe that it’s about time Ky and Maya hook up so follow them as they go through the eng,ish to get together. This leaves only the younger princess, who is none other than T – English englixh Humor – Chapters: After getting beat again by Team Stax and gotten reprimanded by Lokar, the Imperiez decides to steal fpisode Kairu in the monastery in order to impress Lokar.


St patricks day or Valentine’s depending on who you are by Timetheif1 reviews One-shot. Zane comes to the conclusion that Lokar is gone forever. They give him a X-Reader to beat Zane so that they would become Lokar’s number one team again. When Maya hit Hexus with an attack, he falls into a trans like state with his eyes glowing red. When old enemies arise how will they react? All rules and series are inside. You will see him more at the end of the series.

Baoddai tries to combine the Kys back together but lacks the power. Team Stax, seasn Hiverax, the Imperiaz, and the Raddacor the other two members having rescued Zane from the blizzard compete for the possession of the entire Kairu Cube.

However, Team Stax prevails in the end, taking home the Kairu Cube. Fire is an all consuming thing, raging a path wnglish destruction on whatever it sees fit. The adventure doesn’t stop there for when they return Lokar is causing havoc at the Monastery. What happens when two of them are somehow involved with Team Stax?

Lists of French animated television series episodes Lists of Canadian children’s animated television series episodes. Lokar’s shadow Kairu shows an image of Maya turning evil. Maya has a new power to see the future, but can’t always seem to predict the truth. They drained as much Kairu as they could, becoming super charged and got a lot of new attacks. Is Lokar still out there? Ky is trying to control his Plasma Metanoid, but is struggling. Team Stax meets a new Kairu warrior, Ekayon, while out on a quest — and Ky is instantly suspicious of him.


Maya and Ky battle in the finals, but none of them are seaeon their best. Contains much more than just redakai. The villagers from the dead side of the land is blaming the villagers from the thriving side of the land for the land’s bad condition. Will epsode trio save the day or loose it all?

The Hiverax battle team Stax but the Kairu deposit drops into the river and two of the Hiverax jumps into the river to go after it, leaving Hexus to deal with Team Stax. I we don’t own redakai And who is that girl in the cockpit? Team Tiro can only tell Team Stax that they were attacked by an unseen force which drained Baoddai of his powers. After they will return to the monastery, Ky will hear about a place, which contains the antidote for Shadow Kairu.

Set in an ulternate universe where everyone are students in highschool. Ky and the gang try to destroy the Cataclysm Stone before all of the Kairu energy in the universe is sucked in. Think of it as a season 3. But the field comes back up and the fallen Hiverax combines into Hydrax, forcing both teams to flee into the X-Scaper and hanks to Mookee’s tuning of the ship’s boosters, they escape the Hiverax and the island’s electro-magnetic field.

The only problem is, Zane now holds the key to their release. Views Read Edit View history. Furious, Lokar makes an example of the Hiverax — and “deactivates” them!

Drama, grades, and other pressures can sure get you down.